How to Avoid Quarantine Tyranny: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS | Harry Thomas

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I Was Arrested for Refusing But I Knew My Rights – 29 Sept 2021 |

UK resident, spent six hours in a cell on his return from ‘red list' country Brazil but he knew his rights. Watch what happens.

People need to understand how we are protected if we know our rights. We are tricked and feared into decisions that we do not want to make.

This whole covid plandemic is an Act and not Law no matter what people tell you, by law they cannot enforce any rules and restrictions on to us, unless we agree to them.

Harry highlight how we must stick up for our truths and rights and always keep our power, too often we give our rights over when pressured into it.

Harry is now a free man, no , no £2,000 10 day hotel service, all charges dropped. 5 hours in a cell was an easy decision compared to 10 days in a hotel .

“I encourage everyone to watch the documentary ‘Strawman – The Nature of The Cage', it's 10 years old and provides you so much important information. Law of the land is what we must abide by and everything else are acts and regulations that we only follow when we agree to them.”

Harry Thomas

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Source: I Was Arrested For Refusing Quarantine But I Knew My Rights

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