Leftist Santa Fired After Denying Texas Boy a Nerf Gun for Christmas | The RFAngle

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Heartwarming story brings festive fun to Christmas – The Void

A Christmas tradition for many involves parents taking their children to the local mall to meet Santa and to tell him what they want for Christmas. It's a moment that is supposed to bring smiles and joy for the holiday season, that is unless your mall's Santa is politically correct.

A viral video posted by the National Rifle Association shows a little boy asking for a for Christmas, to which Santa rejects the boys' request. In the video, you can hear Santa say, “Nope, no guns, not even a ,” which resulted in the little boy erupting in tears. After making the boy cry, you can hear Santa respond, “Don't cry!”

The Harlem Irving Plaza, where the situation took place, was able to bring the “real Santa” to the boys' home and bring him his own . They stated on Facebook that the other Santa resigned over the incident.

Many came onto social media to condemn the left-wing Santa.



Steven Crowder was also able to contact the boy, and video chat the family while dressed up as Santa. It's good to see others keeping the Christmas spirit alive when woke liberals cannot.

Source: Leftist Santa Fired After Denying Texas Boy a Nerf Gun for Christmas – The RFAngle


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