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The Beautiful Game

– 17 Jan 2022 |

James is so excited about this weeks guest…

is a former Southampton and England footballer and he has been massively red pilled over the course of the .

One of the greatest players to ever grace the game has taken on a new challenge. Finding the truth. We know the journey and believe us when we say, it's worth it.

After James impresses Matt with his deep knowledge of the beautiful game – they get down to business, discussing what the hell has been happening over the past 2 years and why people in (and elsewhere) seem too scared or TOO THICK to discuss what's in front of their noses. Enjoy yet another fantastic and highly comedic discussion on the absolutely essential-listening, Delingpod.

The rabbit hole is a precipitation that is familiar to many of us and every new recruit to the cause of and truth is a personal victory for humanity. Good luck Matt and thank you.


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