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Personal Sovereignty.

GVP #196 – Peter Stone – The Sovereign Project

Personal sovereignty and standing in our God-given power as free, living men and women is back on the agenda this episode.

These are eternal Truths that the demonic, demented control system have done everything they can to conceal from the masses, and have dressed up in all manner of snidey diversions and clever wordplay, because they understand how powerful they really are in the hands of the many.

Peter Stone, originator of the new Sovereign Project initiative, gives listeners an overview of these dynamics, touching on such factors as Common Law, Equity Law, contracts, mandates, the difference between “legal” and “lawful” and much more. 

More teachers are needed in these areas, to help get the word spread as widely as possible.

Anyone wishing to get involved is invited to contact [email protected]


Source: GVP #196 – Peter Stone – The Sovereign Project

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