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Listen to “GVP #217 – Iain Clifford & Dr. Sam White – Matrix Freedom” on Spreaker.

Step Out of The Matrix To Freedom

Podcast, Vol. 217: and – Matrix

The Matrix project has been masterminded by this episode's guests, and . It's described as “the world's fastest-growing solution provider” and “the world's biggest provider of financial abundance solutions.” The founders discuss how this enterprise is steeped in personal sovereignty and in methods for individuals to withdraw all financial dependence on the control system.

Sam White is also known as one of the very few doctors to have spoken out about Covid tyranny and to have paid a professional price as a result, and was part of Mark Sexton's team which lodged a criminal complaint against the UK government with the Metropolitan . We get into these aspects also.

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Gain access to the Matrix resources through this link:


Source: GVP #217 – Iain Clifford & Dr. Sam White – Matrix Freedom

Source: Good Vibrations Podcast, Vol. 217: Iain Clifford & Dr. Sam White – Matrix Freedom


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