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Cry Freedom

Like shining beacons of light, the chrome grills and exhausts on these massive trucks in the centre of have become a snow covered symbol of hope and freedom. The world has watched on as they converged on the capital city and parked their vehicles in defiance. Since then we've seen video after video of acts of kindness and decency, from clearing the snow and tidying the city to offerings of clothing and warmth to those demonstrating against them. It restores so much faith in humanity that it's probably almost impossible to measure.

The Great Dictator

Those magnificent men in their trucking machines. They stood up to the tin-pot-dictator and he fled into hiding… then the world laughed and cheered. We knew he was done. Finished. Ruined. A laughing stock. He'll end out his days as PM as a dead duck rather than a lame duck.

Brokeback Mountain

A coward like Trudeau at the helm, leading these great people? Not a chance! He's a total fraud and he's been busted. The world will be well rid of this puppet. With a bit of luck, he'll end up in his fathers land. Cuba.

Gran Torino

Truckers, farmers in tractors, tribesmen on horseback. The support of the people. The acts of kindness. The way they have conducted themselves. The Canadians have shone.

No Country For Communists

A land that was mainly known for mounties, ice hockey and consecutive clown governments will now be looked upon as the template for reclaiming liberty, an example to others, and that's really quite something.

The Sweet Hereafter

Whatever your viewpoint, you have to admit the in has been an awe inspiring demonstration of strength, tenacity, and courage. We've actually seen what real people power can achieve and that will have a terrifying, catalysing effect on tyrannical governments everywhere. Dan Andrews… watch out !!

The Blockade

Day and night, through sub-zero temperatures, they stayed true to their beliefs and their people. The cardboard communist in charge of called them a fringe minority, racists, bigots, antisemites, homophobes, islamophobes, nazis, fascists, and violent people. That didn't work, so he went into hiding. stole their money. That didn't work either and will probably now collapse as a viable business. The narrative had been lost. Other Canadian politicians started to smell the coffee. Here was Trudeau trying to impose communist from an unknown bunker while the rest of the world was abandoning all mandates and Covid rules. One by one they started to desert the Marc Dutroux of politics. The honking juggernauts of the battlefield had won the high ground.

As the provinces declare freedom, Trudeau's NPC government will eventually fall like the soviet union. The protests will only continue for as long as the communists are prepared to keep up the pretence of being in power, so not too long now. As for Trudeau himself, who knows what his fate will be… I'd suggest he keeps clear of rooftops.

For freedom


Who Pays The Sandman?


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