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I have absolutely zero empathy for Lefties and here’s why…

These bleeding heart morons are more dangerous than The Kung Flu Vaccine teaming up with AIDS.

They throw their misunderstanding and intolerance around like it’s confetti at a wedding. They follow these hate filled ideologies the same way the rats followed the Pied Piper. Mesmerised. They have absolutely no idea of the fundamental principles behind their chosen ideologies. Whether it’s , , or – all the of – or just dripping wet , they have one thing in common. They limit progress. I see them as basically…

Narcissistic. Selfish. Arrogant. Unattractive. Uneducated (or educated above their abilities) ignorant. Hate-filled. Vengeful. Violent. Aggressive. Faux Pacifistic. Envious. Greedy. Non-empathetic. Cruel. Loud. Intolerant. Vicious. Vocal. And anti-religious hate.

Almost all of them have never read the unreadable hate-filled manual that their ideologies are based on. Fact.

I have this to say to all the oxygen wasters who spout Leftism.

  • You’ve contributing nothing to society.
  • You’ve contributed nothing to culture.
  • You’ve contributed nothing to humanity.
  • You’ve contributed nothing to human progress.
  • You’ve contributed nothing to the planet.

Everywhere you go you leave a trail of devastation and shit behind. Look at any left-wing gathering… the litter and trash is left everywhere for others to clean up. And that is in a nutshell. It brings nothing but an awful smell that takes years to eradicate. No one can name one successful experiment in Left-wing politics ever. Another fact.

Five Key Indicators You’re A Marxist

  1. You have zero tolerance for opposing views.
  2. You believe in equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.
  3. You want to silence your opponents.
  4. You want to cancel your own .
  5. You believe the world is against you.

A bunch of hideous Lemmings that are taking the whole of humanity over a cliff.

The oddity of the lot are the Liberals. People who’ve done an ideological 360 degrees and ended up somewhere between the Nazis and The Conquistadors. Make of them what you will, but surely, for the sake of the planet, they should all be evacuated to Venus.

Liberals are unable to make a decision about anything other than war.

Afternoon theatre at The Colosseum

are the modern day Christians getting their arses kicked by the Romans. They escape my wrath here for one reason only… they are totally irrelevant. Squeamish. Undecided. Hesitant. Snivelling. Weak. Quiet. Pathetic. Cowardly. Inoffensive. Gutless,  and lacking in any form of moral fortitude. They’d be better off as missionaries in the South American jungles. Daft as a brush and absolutely of no use to anyone, anywhere, ever.

All Ideologies are mental to be fair. Democracy should simply be…

  • Tell the truth.
  • No secrets.
  • Spend our money wisely.
  • Don’t take the piss.
  • Fuck things up and we get to sack you!

Anything other than that, you end up with tyranny. Have a look at the world around you and ask yourself if we’re going forwards or backwards…

The rest is easy.


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