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It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…

Twenty years on and we're still no nearer the truth now than we were then. Governments that keep secrets are nefarious Governments.

This is an obvious fact.

As we look around our failing societies we often look for cause. Going back just twenty years is probably a good place to start. Remember our world before that fateful day, it was all ‘Cool Britannia' and Philanthropic American Advancement. Then bang! A manufactured event or a carefully planned coup that hijacked American democracy? You decide.

At The_Void, we don't believe it was nineteen Arab hijackers with boxcutters. The seized its chance and took over this world and its direction. New laws. New surveillance. New acts. New restrictions. Overnight the world had flipped 180 degrees. A plan was enacted to eventually demoralise and enslave western civilisation with perpetual fear and perpetual false enemies, all coordinated and controlled by a nefarious, propagandist news media.

At The_Void, we have assembled what we consider to be a must watch collection of documentaries and discussions surrounding the events on . None of which would be a waste of your precious time.

Going through all these fantastically researched and fascinating documentaries, you realise one thing instantly, our world has gone so far backwards since then, like the hands of a clock ticking anti-clockwise.


The Archive in The_Void

A must-watch collection of documentaries and discussions, lectures and presentations assessing the events of that fateful day.


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