Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: Jordan Peterson and ARC | Sonia Poulton

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Beware of False Idols

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: & – 7 Nov 2023 | Sonia Poulton

Journalist and Broadcaster Sonia Poulton looks at psychologist and commentator and his new project, .

Sonia Poulton is very critical of and his new project, , due to concerns about transparency, the potential for far-right views, and Peterson's past controversial statements and associations. She has also criticised the media coverage of Peterson and , arguing that it has been uncritical and fawning.

is not the messiah, he's just done a really good job of convincing his flock that he is.”

Sonia Poulton

A New Vision of Tomorrow

describes itself as an international community with a vision for a better world, and its goals include advancing education, promoting research, and developing ideas about the keys to human flourishing and prosperity. The organisation was formed by and a group of over 30 politicians, business leaders, scholars, and social commentators from across the world, including former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks, and entrepreneur and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

All aboard the !

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Source: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Jordan Peterson & ARC | Sonia Poulton


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