The McCanns And The Police | Sonia Poulton

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Journalist and Broadcaster, , explores the and relationship between the and Kate and Gerry McCann – parents of McCann, the world’s most famous missing child.

Disappearance of McCann. Why would the mother not answer 48 questions that the Portuguese asked her? Also, not common knowledge by are closely associated with UK politicians. Could this be why they have poured undisclosed millions into this case? Why are subsequent investigators indirectly told to eliminate the father and mother from their enquiries, when a true investigator would leave no stone unturned?

Sonia goes where many journalists often fear to tread and her research has led to a far greater public understanding of many unreported facts about this case. If anyone can make sense out of this really weird mystery, The_Void’s money is on . When it came to the recent disclosures about a notorious German pedophile being a new suspect, SP immediately put the latest nonsense into perspective by explaining exactly who he was and was again proven correct as the “so-called investigating” led nowhere.


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