Vibes of Cosmos Documentary Season 2

Vibes of Cosmos continues the wild, mind-bending journey to the mirror moon and beyond.

Ancient Apocalypse – Graham Hancock | Netflix

Journalist Graham Hancock travels the world hunting for evidence of mysterious, lost civilisations dating back to the last Ice Age.

Black Sun Spheroid Theory – Freemason Reveal

An illustrated theory of the Black Sun and the geometrical machinations of the grand chessboard.

Real Eyes Realise Real Lies | Hibbeler Productions

A group of super powerful satanists who took control of the Earth at around 1521 AD and decided that to control the minds of the useless eaters they had to destroy God and the best way to do that was…

The Demise of the Ice-Age Civilisation – Dr. Robert Schoch | Forum Borealis

Did an advanced Civilisation exist prior to the end of the Ice-Age...

The Songs In Our Stars

An alternative view of the stars. How they appear and behave that challenges our understanding of the world we think we live in.

Was it Only a Paper Moon | James Collier

The Apollo moon hoax is as relevant today as it was back then.

Moon Hoax Now | Jet Wintzer

The Apollo moon hoax conspiracy...

NASA Mooned America | Bill Cooper

Read everything, listen to everybody; believe nothing - Bill Cooper Hour 736/737/740/741/742

Solar System Anomalies – Andrew Currie – Part 1 and Part 2 | Forum Borealis

There are some really strange mysteries going on in the solar system...

The Antikythera Mechanism | Stanford

This highly sophisticated ancient Greek astronomical calculating machine. It is one of the true wonders of the ancient world.

Was There Someone Here Before Us?

Were there prior technological civilisations in our solar system?

Remembering the End of the World | Thunderbolts Project

Remembering the End of the World is a mind-blowing documentary by David Talbott where he reimagines the formation of our world in prehistoric times.