The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes | Eric Dubay

NASA steals 52 million dollars in taxpayer money every single day giving us back nothing but science-fiction movies and bold-faced lies.

The World is a Lie | The Tartarian Empire

The Tartarian Empire spanned an enormous area over several continents and yet, hardly anyone has ever heard of it...

The Occult Debunks The Globe

In our Modern-day Materialistic Scientifically run society, we are taught that we “evolved” from monkeys... total bollocks !!

The Reason Why They Lied About Antarctica | Mag Bitter Truth

An interesting and very funny video from Mag Bitter Truth about Antarctica, climate change, over population and the spinning ball.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Mere seconds before the Earth is to be demolished by an alien construction crew Arthur Dent is swept off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher penning a new edition of...

Level – The Truth Is Hard To Swallow | Hibbeler Productions

The hottest potato, most sacred of cows with a built in knee-jerk reaction of dismissal and ridicule for most, a conspiracy theory too far for many, but whatever your views, this is great entertainment and very well produced.

War Of The Worlds | Jeff Wayne

Stage musical production of "The War Of The Worlds" by Jeff Wayne

Flat Earth | Awakening

Darren Nesbit's compulsive flat earth presentation at Awakening 2018


A psychotropic trip into a world of game pods, fish, guns that shoot teeth and human plug sockets...

The Day The Earth Stood Still

An alien called Klaatu brings a very important message to planet earth.

The Langoliers

A passenger plane slips through a time vortex.

Beyond The Imaginary Curve | Eddie Bravo

Once you go flat you never go back...

Time Slips

5 short stories that at first appear to be unreal.

Antartica Is Closed | DITRH

Why can't you go to Antartica?

Flat Earth | Eddie Bravo

Rabbit hole discussion about the globe...

The Great Silence | Lemmino

Wow !! What was that?! Why there is nothing coming from space... not a peep!

The John Titor Story

The fascinating story of John Titor, the internet time traveller.

One Hundred Mandela Effects

Things are changing ever so slightly, and if you look closely you can see a pattern.

Flat Earth Moon Landing | AstroNots | Did We go to the Moon? | Jeranism

Did we go to the moon? This documentary discussion suggests the answer is pretty clear...

Balls Deeper – Eddie Bravo

Eddie and the guys go down the rabbit hole

Owen Benjamin – Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole | John Thor

Down the flat earth rabbit hole we go with Owen Benjamin and Dave Weiss.

Below The Curve

Once you go flat... you never go back.

Best NASA Fails | Compilation

The closer you look, the more of an insult it becomes.