What on Earth Happened? – Part Eleven – The Bumblebee & the Hexagon | EWAR

In this episode EWAR looks at strange rock formations around the world and comes up with some pretty startling conclusions.

Cracking The Stone Age Code | Chronicle

Professor Alexander Thom asserts his theory that Stonehenge and other megalithic sites were used to record time and predict solar and lunar eclipses.

Standing with Stones – An Epic Journey Through Stone Age Britain & Ireland | Prehistory Guys

Featuring 100 of the most significant megalithic monuments in England, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland & Scotland, the adventure starts near Land's End in Cornwall and ends out on the Scottish isles, on Orkney, at the Tomb of the Eagles.

Standing with Stones – Part 2: Southern England | Michael Bott

This is the second of a complete seven-part online edition of Standing with Stones.

Standing with Stones – Part 1: THE West Country & Dartmoor | Michael Bott

Over two years in the making, Standing with Stones was made by just two men with great film making skills, a camper van and a passion for the monuments in stone left to us by Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors.