‎Carmen Boulter, PhD – Unlocking the Pyramid Code | Veritas Radio

The case is made that a very long time ago, human beings were much more peaceful, spiritual, healthy, and technologically advanced than we are today.

The Pyramid Code – Episode 4: The Empowered Human | Dr. Carmen Boulter

The Empowered Human proposes that the pyramid builders were living in a Golden Age, they had more refined senses, experienced higher levels of consciousness which gave them superior abilities than we have today.

The Pyramid Code – Episode 5: A New Chronology | Dr. Carmen Boulter

A New Chronology posits, after examining the evidence presented in the series, that the dates given by traditional Egyptology do not fit.

The Pyramid Code – Episode 3: Sacred Cosmology | Dr. Carmen Boulter

Sacred Cosmology offers a new way of interpreting hieroglyphics and demonstrates that the ancients understood physics, biology, and celestial mechanics.

The Pyramid Code – Episode 2: High Level Technology | Dr. Carmen Boulter

High Level Technology shows evidence that the ancient Egyptians used sophisticated engineering and high science to construct pyramids and temples.

The Pyramid Code – Episode 1: The Band of Peace | Dr. Carmen Boulter

The Band of Peace raises questions about the purpose of the pyramids challenging the story traditional Egyptology tells.