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There's a lot of people that still believe freedom matters

, A.K.A Freedom Bro -18 September 2021 | GB

The ongoing persecution of Freedom Bro: an Interview with , a prominent figure in the Canadian .

speaks with about his ongoing persecution in for speaking out against in the country.

“They're trying to make an example of me.”

“They're trying to scare people from acting like me.”

“They're trying to deter me from continuing to speak out.”

“Basically they're just trying to stop me in every shape and form but when you haven't committed any crimes it's pretty hard to keep you in jail, they have to keep inventing new reasons to arrest me which don't really exist. So every time they arrest me it gets more and more suspicious for the judges, more and more suspicious for the public and more and more suspicious in general but they're so desperate right now because the vaccine passport is pretty much the goal.”

United Noncompliance

“If everybody in decides that they're not going to go along with the , it's over overnight.”

“If every Canadian, or every UK member, or every United States citizen takes off their mask tomorrow, there's no more masks.”

“If every citizen of every country decides that they are not going to close their business, then there are no more business closures.”

“The only way this is happening is because we are allowing it.”

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Source: Canada's Most Dangerous Man? Chris Sky, A.K.A Freedom Bro interview


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