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News – 14th April 2021 |

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s News.

00:27 – Exposes Vaccine Policy

“We all have a job to do and a part to play and we need to just put up and shut up and get it done.”

“My colleges have forsaken their duty of care, broken their code of conduct (hypocritical oath) and have been brainwashed, just the same as the majority of the UK public, through and predictive programming.”

“I will continue to be defiant and to challenge everyone at every opportunity to try to wake them up and see if they would be willing to side with me.”

“If a time ever came when this came to light and if I ended up on trial testifying against those in positions of power who could have effected the outcomes, I would not hesitate to give evidence, I will also accept my fate should I to be found duplicitous in this horrible act of human annihilation.” 

Whistle Blower

• No safety data produced.

• No patient information leaflet.

• Doctors aren’t aware of experimental trial of .

• Patients aren’t receiving the care they need under the .

• The British Government’s vaccine programme is .

16:46 – What Is The Justification For COVID 19 Mass Vaccination Program?


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25:08 – Guardian Misdirection


Guardian Article: – https://archive.is/YvGBg 

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28:48 – Vaccination Program Expanded


Matt Hancock Statement: https://bit.ly/3df4uzx

29:39 – Medical and


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34:58 – Sports Personality Harangued after Questioning Jabs


ZDF Interview: – https://bit.ly/3sbKh20

43:09 – Important Content


No smoke without Fire Part 3: – https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/no-smoke-without-fire-part-3-vaccine-ad…

No smoke Without Fire Part 4: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL9mMTDSrzY

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44:34 – Trouble Brewing in Nagorno-Karabakh


Eastern Approaches Podcast: – https://cutt.ly/oviR0cl

DO Article: – https://cutt.ly/gviE1C6 

48:13 – Constitutional Freedom


Dissident’s Guide Playlist: – https://bit.ly/3mPYJLV

Not The : – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCClhbLPi45TQ7hcjVdI387A

Not The Newsletter: – https://www.notbbc.news/subscribe

Sheep Farm, Meet The Flockers: – https://cutt.ly/YviTBfb

50:31 – Lt.General Sees The Deception Behind


CW Article: – https://bit.ly/3sdwwQd

55:09 – Inspectors  


Government Announcement: – https://bit.ly/2ONQvaB

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57:23 – German Judges “Sensational” Ruling


Check the Evidence: – https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/

2020 News Article: – https://bit.ly/3thPAy5

59:47 – Philippines Question COVID Narrative:


Manilla Times article: – https://cutt.ly/nviUSKd

01:01:32 – Spanish Police Officer Stands Up to Covid Rules


Elmundo Article: – https://bit.ly/32b7U00

01:02:31 – Portuguese Police Stop Tree Planting


Article: – https://bit.ly/3aaLMHy

01:04:10 – MP Presents Tree Planting Bill


Tree-Lined Streets Bill: – https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/2766

01:05:25 – Data Sharing Is Based On Good Practice Apparently


Data Matters: – https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/

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3KQ: – https://www.3kq.co.uk/

Source: UK Column News – 14th April 2021 – Odysee

Source: UK Column News – 14th April 2021 | UK Column


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