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It all began with COVID-19, the banning of words and a tyranny unleashed only conspiracy theorists saw coming.

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So it Begins… Concentration Camps For Trump Voters | Sara Carter

Concentration Camps and Reeducation. If that fails, death.

California Sheriff Refuses To Release 1,800 Inmates After Judge’s Order | Epoc Times

A California sheriff is refusing to comply with a judge’s order to release 1,800 inmates from Orange County jails.

Year Zero | The Consent Factory

Are you ready to defend your future? Tick Tock…

Coercion is Illegal in the UK | Frontpagemag

"We can all see where this is heading..." Katie Hopkins The…

Top Canadian Pathologist: “This is The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated” | Banned Video

Dr. Roger Hodkinson says there is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.

The Manhattan Project

At the beginning of World War II it was feared that the Nazis were developing an atomic bomb

Modern Times | Camille Paglia | Jordan B Peterson

One of the great discussions ever...