Quatermass and the Pit

What is buried in the heart of London and is it five million years old?

Quatermass And The Pit | Episode 6

Breen stands transfixed and is eventually consumed by the energies from the craft as it slowly melts away. The concluding part of the classic BBC TV sci-fi thriller.

Quatermass and The Pit | Episode 5

Quatermass warns that if implanted psychic powers survive in the human race, there could also still be an ingrained compulsion to enact the "Wild Hunt" of a race purge.

Quatermass And The Pit | Episode 4

Following the drilling, a hole opens up in the object's interior wall. Inside, Quatermass and the others find the remains of insect-like aliens resembling giant three-legged locusts.

Quatermass and the Pit | Episode 2

Roney calls in his friend Professor Bernard Quatermass of the British Rocket Group to prevent the military from disturbing what he believes to be an archaeological find.

Quatermass and The Pit | Episode 3

A debate ensues regarding whether it's a spacecraft or a Nazi bomb?

Quatermass and The Pit | Episode 1

Something is buried deep beneath the earth in the heart of London... The Classic BBC sci-fi series that inspired so many film-makers. Watch all six episodes on The_Void