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The Great Supply Chain Collapse | ZeroHedge

The planned destruction of society is about to get real bad.

So it Begins… Concentration Camps For Trump Voters | Sara Carter

Concentration Camps and Reeducation. If that fails, death.

Deutsche Bank Closes Trump’s Account Over Capitol Unrest | ZeroHedge

The NWO Cabal intend to Destroy President Trump for thwarting…

“You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy…” | ZeroHedge

Marxism, Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, Nazism, they're all the same thing and these ideologies have plenty of power.

What Will The Global Economy Look Like After The “Great Reset”? | ZeroHedge

A very common phrase used over the past couple years is the “global reset.”

What Exactly Is Agenda 21? | Zero Hedge

Via, When most folks hear the words “Agenda…

Pfizer’s CEO Dumps 62% Of His Stock On COVID Vaccine Announcement  | Zero Hedge

On Monday, Pfizer shares soared 16% following a bullish statement…