Conspiracy Realities of 911 to Avian Flu and Beyond | Dr Bill Deagle

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Complete – December 2006 | Granada Forum

This guys seems to know everything about everything. Specifically he touches on things that we are just discovering today, but this was way back in 2006. I am sure he appeared as a crazy guy back then, but today I imagine we would see him differently. 

Dr. Deagle is a highly intelligent whistle-blower with info that you need to know about nutrition, extraterrestrials, , Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, even modified attack baboons.

Dr Bill Deagle MD – Realities of 911 To Avian Flu And Beyond

Complete – Granada Forum – 07 December 2006.

Source: Dr. Bill Deagle Complete Lecture – Granada Forum 2006


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