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Sprayed Like Bugs

– June 2024 |

is the producer of agenda documentary ‘', which highlights Atmospheric Aerosol Injection, programs and worldwide .

joins to discuss his research on , persistent “”, and the agenda. Landman is the producer of the documentary “” (2017), which explores the controversial topic of solar , also known as . The film highlights atmospheric aerosol injections, programs, and worldwide efforts affecting every living being on Earth.

” is an 80-minute social change documentary that delves into the struggle of bringing awareness to the solar agenda, despite the obstacles posed by a socially engineered populace and the military-industrial complex. The film aims to awaken viewers to the truth about these alleged programs.

Landman continues to be an active voice in the activist community and hosts conferences and events on the subject of . He relentlessly continues to speak out against the ongoing ‘lies in our skies'.

Source: Matt Landman


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