The Dark Side Of Disney

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Disney's Satanic Demons

There is so much information coming out of the corp ever since the company decided to go full retard in response to the passage of Florida's “Parental Rights in Education” bill. Last week, leaked videos of a meeting between executives and high-level employees within the company gave people an inside look at the push to drown children in LGBTQ+ content.

Well, Christopher Rufo, who was responsible for dropping the leaked meeting videos on Twitter, chose this morning to blast in a fashion that can only be accurately described as legendary.

If there's one thing a company that is actively trying to push ‘groomer' content on children, it's and their degenerate employees.

And we can't forget that employees were just caught up in a sting in Florida just last month!

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The Dark Side Of

Courtesy of Greg Reese

The long criminal history of 's pedophile child predators



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