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The Global Enslavement Grid

The Global Prison – 11 March 2022 |

Do you get the feeling is being hyped by every government, corporation, financial institution and globalist-connected NGO as “the way of the future”?

Well, you're right! But why is this being pushed so hard right now? James Corbett lays out the agenda and how it serves as the linchpin of the entire global enslavement grid.

Your ticket to digital enslavement.

“As proven in Canada, a ecosystem is not only a motor to connect people, governments and the private sector in a trusted and transparent way – but it also accelerates participation in the economy, work and mobility.”

Vidya ShankarNarayan, Assistant Deputy Minister and CIO, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid

UN SDGs – The 17 Goals

Episode 357 – Language is a Weapon

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World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Source: The Global Digital ID Prison


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