Was German Doctor Murdered For Exposing Graphene In Vaccines? | Special Report

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Who was Dr. Andreas Noack and what was the cause of his death?

Reading Between The Lines

It has come to our attention at The_Void that the prominent German Doctor and whistleblower has been found dead from suspected respiratory failure or a stroke. It is unclear at present, but after recent events you can't discount that he may have been murdered by the globalist elite for exposing Graphene Hydroxide in . We all know how things work in these dark disturbing times.

Dr. Noack's Widow Speaks

Strange Coincidences

While it is not clear what exactly may have transpired, video of a break-in at his home and another video of a young pregnant woman said to be his wife speaking on camera in German has just been posted. (above) Comments and text on the video of his wife speaking suggest he didn't die at the hands of the or state, but suffered a respiratory incident or “breathing attack” despite being completely healthy and not suffering from any illness… very strange indeed. It had been reported that she claimed he was beaten up before hand, but this was not what she said. I guess you also can't rule out this being some kind of staged hoax or psi-op because of who he is/was. I doubt it, but the question has to be asked…

Graphene Hydroxide In

Dr Noack was an expert in Graphene and recorded a video exposing how deadly graphenehydroxide was being used in the … all ! This was very bad news for and the German government's propaganda mission because Graphene can do such serious damage to the human body internally, and it would therefore be very hard to justify vaccine mandates. Soon after the video had been made public and translated from German to English, this brave doctor was apparently found dead. While we are not sure if his death was murder, it appears to eerily follow the case of another German whistleblower who exposed the and quickly disappeared.

Here is Dr. Adreas Noack's vaccine presentation exposing the use of

Targeted By ?

was an outspoken critic of corruption within the scientific community and scientific research in general and believed that has had a pernicious influence on illness, medication and treatments.

The Black Stuff

Graphenehydroxide was found in all of the . It forms a structure in the bloodstream approximately 50nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. Very thin and very strong, they are like little razor blades in the bloodstream that can easily cut into the blood vessels in your body. The effect is cumulative and devastating on the blood vessels and blood cells.

“If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate into the blood and cut up the epithel.”

Truth Seeker

So basically, a German chemist called , an expert in graphene structures (a.k.a. monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite) said the clot-shots have graphene hydroxide in them. He also said, graphene hydroxide is a nano-scale razor blade. The material is not degradable, so it never goes away. It stays in the body, cutting it and doing damage unless it can be flushed out.

Sudden Death Syndrome

Dr. Noack said this explains the athletes dying on the field after being vaccinated, since their blood will be flowing faster potentially causing sudden damage. He also claimed it explains why some pass out and die shortly after getting the vaccine. He goes on to say, it is a game of Russian roulette, where if a vaccine hits a vein, it will get in the blood stream and can cut someone up quite quickly.

“There is no reason for graphene hydroxide to be in the vaccine, that it is biowarfare”

Within days Dr. Noack was dead.

The Raid

There is also a video on The_Void of German raiding this same Doctor's home during a livestream this time last year. He had been a vocal critic of the lockdowns, mandates and the deadly vax – it seems like free speech and talk against ‘official mandates' is now deemed as terrorism in the German state. It also seems like the case is receiving far too much attention for 's liking. Let's hope some more revelations are forthcoming in the coming days and weeks.

Natural Death or Death Ray'd?

The Story Broke On Social Media


As always with this type of breaking story, your gut instinct is usually vital and mine proves correct more often than not, so I'm going with,,, he was taken out by nefarious dark forces. is key. The German government is just about to implement 's plan for forced medical procedures, segregation and digital ID's in Europe. No one will be allowed to stand in the way of that.

The Last Moments…

Directed Energy Weapon

Transcript (English translation):

It was on the day when the Graphene hydroxide video was released and the interview with Harald Thiers took place. Then we went upstairs onto the gallery; we relaxed, talked, laughed told each other how much we love each other then he wanted to go downstairs into the kitchen to get something to nibble on, and normally he does not spent more than one minute there, so I went downstairs and said joking “you eat everything away from me again.” In that moment he started to sway and I thought he was making fun of me – it looked like he was playing (pretending SO I went to him and said, “ha ha,” Kissed him, but he did not stop it. I said “stop it, it is not funny.”

In that moment electricity went off and the whole thing happened 20 min-30 min after the interview (I did not look at the watch) and then Andreas collapsed in my arms. He began to moan, had severe pain. His body completely tensed, all of a sudden could not talk anymore. At first, I thought he might have been poisoned because he made some choking sounds. So, I instilled him with Sole (like salt water), then he vomited what he had eaten during the day. Which wasn't much I just couldn't do anything. I was just with him and had to watch. I have never seen anything like this. It was an ordeal for him as if he was tortured from the outside. It lasted about half an hour or so, or maybe longer as it seemed to me like an eternity. He could not speak. Was somehow like paralyzed – I cannot really describe it. I just held him so that he would not strike his head.

At some point he got calmer, his body was exhausted from the whole thing Then he could again get up, was a bit dizzy. He went upstairs, has somehow hoisted itself up then he recovered, he was very exhausted, did not want to talk, was withdrawn, and I noticed he was really very exh[austed.]

I don't know if he recognized what had happened to him. But he needed lot of rest, but then said, he would feel good and he did not want that someone gets to know this (in I noticed his restless sleep, that he sweated, perhaps fever. But I didn't wake him up because he needed the rest.

At some point, I can't really say which time intervals – at some point he started breathing very heavily and to rat and I have asked him what is up, but then he had this paralysis again, he couldn't talk anymore also this cramp was there again the breath, the terribly heavy breathing – he couldn't breathe anymore I started to scream, I yelled at him he should get out of this condition and come back to me.  

*crying* I cried and he tried to comfort me. *crying* I was busy then to make sure Andreas can breathe well, I had to change his position so he could breathe more freely. He had more and more water in his lungs, rattled, and could not spit out the stuff. Even took it out with my hands.

Emergency called me during that time and told me to make resuscitation. So, I just did that, I did a heart massage and ventilated – just did what they told me it felt like hours. At some point his belly bloated, then he said I should stop ventilating him and only do heart massage and I couldn't anymore but just continued. And at some point, they arrived, about 6 people, I don't really remember, and connected him to the machines this automatic machine *crying* gave him injections, like adrenalin and other stuff.

They had their masks on all the time, I asked them to take off the masks, so they can breathe better (not literally). I asked them at some point “is he still alive,” they replied “at the moment not” but were in the course of resuscitate him. And then they had him apparently alive again and in that moment, they could transport him and bring him downstairs and then we started and the paramedic – this was also a coincidence – that he knew the way as the paramedic lives here in the valley and then we went to Wolfsberg.

But I could not be with him because I could not do anything and they had to put him onto the ventilator which she w so I asked “before you bring him inside may I see him” and I asked “how he is now?” And they said “yes,” they could bring him back (to life) and it would be looking good. I asked “what is regarding his brain damage” and they replied that because I was constantly made heart massage. And then they took him out and I went to him, put my head onto his chest, he was intubated, I told him how much I love then they pushed him inside again.

I had to sit outside and not really noticed anything anymore. Then the physicians, came out, put their heads together. This was actually immediately after. They hardly had him in the hospital before he came out again. When they put their heads together, I knew. Then they said, “his large heart valve has failed completely. He had a heart attack and died from that.”

Person who filmed: “Many have understood that people had attacked him, but what you meant to say was that it was a I do not know anything about these things. It is hard to imagine how something like this works. But he had always said, that they would have these technologies.

We'll do our best to keep you updated on this important story.


to be cont…

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