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presents a four-part series on for William Cooper's radio show Hour of the Time, which was broadcast in November and December of 1993.
He provides the historical context for the theory of germs as the cause of disease. A key aspect being the charlatan Louis Pasteur, who pushed his plagiarised pseudo- on the world in the late 19th century. This is compared to the work of a real scientist, Antoine Bechamp and his theory of the terrain and pleomorphism. Numerous Scientists and Doctors are quoted providing much compelling information.

Alex does talk of viral “isolation” but as many will know by now, what calls “isolation” is nothing of the kind. What they are actually doing is killing cells in toxic cultures through starvation and chemicals, then calling the cellular breakdown and debris as proof of a “virus”, of “isolation” and that the “virus” caused the cells to die! The second half of the series moves on to a critique of , a monumental medical fraud that rocked the 1980's and 90's. He runs with the assumption that HIV actually exists but does not cause any disease. Please watch “the emperors new virus” and my uploads with Dr Lanka (links below) which explain why there is no proof that HIV even exists.
HIV/AIDS has of course been over shadowed by “”, without doubt (along with itself) the biggest medical fraud ever perpetrated on Humanity.
The whole broadcast is of upmost relevance to current events. Listen to Alex talk about HIV = AIDS and compare it to SARS-CoV-2 = . The similarities are so obvious it is clear they have just re-run the same scam but on a much larger scale. If we do not learn from history and expose the Covid scam this time, there may not be a next time.



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