Anarchy & The Occult – Part II – Religion vs. Initiation | Mark Passio

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15 February 2019 | Acapulco, Mexico |

Mark Passio discusses how erroneous belief systems such as Moral Relativism continue to hold back the forward progress of the modern-day Anarchist movement.

Mark explains why a deep understanding of must be the foundation of any true anarchist's moral and spiritual life. In this , Mark exposes and dispels the dialectics of Atheism and Religion in the Anarchist community through an introduction to the Initiation processes of the ancient Mystery Traditions. Divisive in-fighting within the anarchist community is also addressed in an effort to create unity and inspiration for pragmatic action leading to positive real-world change.

Source: Mark Passio – Anarchy & The Occult – Part II – Religion vs. Initiation – YouTube


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