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Communism Strikes Back

: The West's Great Leap Backwards – 21 Aug 2023 | The

They don't want us moving, they don't want us gathering, they don't want us having opportunities – it is

They are going to crush our ability to move, they are going to crush our ability to gather, they are going to crush our ability to have opportunities – they are going to !

The “Net Zero” and “Sustainability” movements, which no one outside of captured institutions and minds particularly likes or trusts, is advancing to a new initiative, whether we like it or not. That initiative is every bit as bad as it sounds:

The idea is that the West has grown too big to be sustainable, so it is time to back off from growth, or to move “beyond growth,” to draw another of their brands. This is little more than the controlled demolition of Western Civilisation on an economic level, and it is unsurprisingly just the newest branding of .

“This has not got a single thing to do with saving the planet and 100% of to do with controlling your ability to move.”

“In case you wondered, it's .”

In this episode of the , walks us through some information to introduce the concept of “” and compares it to other great Communist catastrophes in history, perhaps most obviously 's disastrous “Great Leap Forward,” which at least pretended that it was going to make things bigger and better for instead of smaller and worse. Join him to learn about this unfolding disaster, which we must attack vigorously until they stop trying to force us into it.

“As always in academia, is not a concept set in stone. It is an open term with different foci and interpretations. The is no unified vision of . However, in the face of our environmental emergency, there is a surge in the academic literature that is activist and interested in policies and strategies to move from growth to and to outline pathways beyond capitalism. This would require a democratisation of the economy, where workers are in control and not shareholders.

It would require a profound redistribution of wealth to finance public services and a universal basic income. Such a redistribution of wealth cannot stop at a national level. International solidarity, in particular, support for the Global South is required for a transition beyond growth.”

Phys.orgCan degrowth save us and the planet?

Absolute Zero

UK Fires Report: Absolute Zero

Destruction and death. Pure and simple.

New Discourses Bullets

is – 17 Aug 2023 |

What is “”? Well, that's simple. It's not just the newest brand name for the “Net Zero” environmentalist scam; it's rebranded and newly organised for the . That is, it is death. It is the fulfillment of Critical Marxist 's vision for a synthetic fusion of capitalism and outlined in One-dimensional Man ( and An Essay on Liberation (pdf:…_on_Liberation.pdf) from the 1960s. In this episode of Bullets, host breaks down the idea of “,” sharing from a socialist magazine, an unlikely article ( in a physics publication, and a new book ( that claims “ ” is the realization of what Karl Marx really intended with his theories.

Scams on top of scams. 

The decarbonisation agenda is being foisted upon everyone through totalitarian power under the banner of – the idea that there are changes to the climate caused by human activity. The struggle against capital is

Planned is eco- and sustainable human development aka – using the environment as the excuse. 

Enjoy your enslavement, comrades. See you in the Gulag. The_Void.

Absolute Zero – UK Fires Report

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