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Episode 429 – Meet , Technocractic Huckster – Oct 2022 |

is back in the headlines again (not that he ever really went away).

He's going to save free speech on (honest)! He's going to end the war on Ukraine (that he supported with )! He's going to give Taiwan to the Chinese (and not just because of 's Shanghai factory)!

Yes, is a WEF Young Global Leader and a self-promoting charlatan who would have amounted to absolutely nothing without unrelenting support from government and his globalist pals, and he is the next white hat saviour that is being set up to mislead the masses with their next hopium fix. But as James peels back the layers of this technocratic huckster, you'll find that it's even worse than that…

Elon Stark


Behold! The Tesla Robot in all its glory!!!!
Time Reference:02:00
Musk consulted with Putin on Ukraine plan
Time Reference:05:01
Musk didn't consult with Putin?
Time Reference:05:03
But maybe Musk did consult with Putin?
Time Reference:05:05
Behold! Musk's plan to end the war on Ukraine!
Time Reference:5:10
Musk supported Ukraine with Starlink
Time Reference:5:14
Government money funds Musk's Ukraine Starlink operation
Time Reference:5:16
Musk is going to give Taiwan back to China, apparently
Time Reference:5:21
Tesla's Shanghai factory accounts for between 30% and 50% of the company's total production
Time Reference:5:31
BostonDynamics robots doing parkour
Time Reference:5:59
Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future by Ashlee Vance
Time Reference:7:21
Financial PR exec “just happened” to show up on the first day of Greta Thunberg's climate strike
Time Reference:11:04
CNN “just happens” to do a PR puff piece on Elon Musk in 1999
Time Reference:12:53
Barack Obama on Universal Basic Income
Time Reference:16:13
Elon Musk on Universal Basic Income
Time Reference:16:36
Klaus Schwab on the brain chip
Time Reference:16:54
Elon Musk on the brain chip
Time Reference:17:24
Bill Gates on carbon taxes
Time Reference:17:59
Elon Musk on carbon taxes
Time Reference:18:31
Elon Musk Developing COVID 19 Vaccine
Time Reference:19:05
Elon Musk: “Give people their freedom back!”
Time Reference:20:05
Elon agrees PayPal's misinfo policy is insane
Time Reference:20:28
The PayPal Mafia
Time Reference:21:27
Elon Musk: Humans Need to Upgrade or We Risk Becoming Pets for Robots
Time Reference:22:54
Wikispooks and LittleSis – #Solutionswatch
Time Reference:24:31
Elon Musk Wikipedia article
Time Reference:24:39
Elon Musk Wikispooks article
Time Reference:25:36
All Hail Elon's Martian Technocracy!
Time Reference:28:32
Why Big Oil Conquered the World
Time Reference:37:34
Elon Musk says civilization ‘will crumble' if people don't have more kids
Time Reference:40:20
Elon Musk Reveals His Awkward Dislike of Mass Transit
Time Reference:41:21
Elon Musk Is Convinced He's the Future. We Need to Look Beyond Him
Time Reference:42:30
Did Musk Propose Hyperloop to Stop California High-Speed Rail?
Time Reference:44:34
Elon Musk, Tech's Cash-Poor Billionaire
Time Reference:46:46
If Elon Musk Walks Away From Twitter, It Could Save Him $400 Million in Taxes
Time Reference:48:59
Battle Erupts Over Alleged Grisly Photos of Brain-Hacked Neuralink Monkeys
Time Reference:52:10
Episode 405 – Designing Humans for Fun and Profit (Neuralink monkey pong)
Time Reference:52:24
Elon Musk's Cruel Neuralink Experiments Kills 15th MONKEY, Are Humans Next?
Time Reference:54:28

Source: Episode 429 – Meet Elon Musk, Technocractic Huckster – The Corbett Report


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