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A predator Class Feeding on Ordinary People.

Dan Tubb | The Delingpod

One of the best explanations of the Coronahorror ‘Great Reset’ programme, why it’s happening and how we can best navigate the carnage.

Dan spent 20 years in Venture Capital looking at Emerging Technologies & Digital Trends. He left VC to focus on Crypto Currencies & warns we face a crossroads between open stateless money (bitcoin) or a dark era of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

“Problem. Reaction. Solution.”

“It was not, “we’ve got a crisis, let’s search for a solution, it was straight to the solution.”

Dan Tubb

The Hegelian Dialectic

Problem Reaction Solution is the more common name give to the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, a mass mind control system used to steer and control populations for thousands of years. It is used to make changes that the citizens would not accept otherwise.

#1. Create Problem

Terrorism, Financial Crisis, a Virus, Climate Change etc.

#2. Manufacture Reaction

The mainstream media present a single narrative, dissidents will be crushed. Lockdown, Face Masks, Distancing, Fear Propaganda, Vaccines, Psychological Manipulation etc.

#3. Provide Solution

Wars, Corporate Tax-Cuts, Welfare Budget Cuts, Digital ID, Vaccine passports, Digital Currency, Universal Basic Income (UBI) etc.

Dan offers education training to policy makers & businesses at TheCryptoReports.Com

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