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's War on Farming and the Rising – 3 Feb 2024 |

's war on farming and the rising .

The rise of mega farms and the demise of small farms have significant implications for the agricultural sector, rural communities, and the environment. The concentration of power in the hands of corporations, coupled with industrialised practices, has posed challenges to the sustainability and resilience of the agricultural sector. Addressing these challenges requires a multifaceted approach that prioritises the preservation and support of small farms, the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices, and the safeguarding of rural communities.

The Slow Disappearance of Small Farms

The number of US-style mega farms in the UK has increased by 30% in the past 5 years alone. This collapse in farms has in part been driven by the rise of concentrated animal feeding CAFOs. Many farmers have not been able to sustain a working farm and have instead jumped off the treadmill. This has further driven up the price of land and made it more scarce and more difficult for the next generation to get a foothold in the industry. The demise of small farms and the rise of mega farms and CAFOs are interconnected with broader global initiatives such as , the goals, and ‘'. These developments underscore the complex interplay between economic, environmental, and social factors, highlighting the need for holistic approaches to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector and rural communities.


00:00 Yuval Harari Post
03:58 vs The West
05:58 Subverts System
08:35 The Brilliant Plan For Future Systems (sarcasm)

Source: John Kerry's War On Farming & The Rising BRIC System


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