MAX IGAN (A Soul Harvest) | Glitch in the Code

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Max Igan joins Glitch in the Code to talk about the sad state of the world, the coming Technocracy and what he calls the Soul Harvest.

Have the Global Cult of bloodlines families gotten to the point where they are home and dry or can we turn this around?

Did Trump set up Q followers only to dump them at the door of the Capitol building as he left (an entrapment programme). Now they can all be identified as he dragged them out into the light. Unfortunately this also effects those of us who do not support Trump as a saviour but have researched many of the conspiracies that are very true.  

Do we now live an augmented reality? One where souls are being harvested in a harvest that takes place every few thousands years. 

Max Igan…

Source: GLITCH IN THE CODE With MAX IGAN ( A Soul Harvest)

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