Scientists Warn of New Blair Variant

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Demonic Possession

Today senior scientists held a press conference to warn the world of a new Blair variant that causes incurable psychopathy, narcissism and can result in demonic possession.

“This could be the end of the world” said an anonymous source from the Belarusian institute of virology.

“Imagine every infected person aspiring to murder at least a million people… I don't think humanity can survive such an onslaught!”

Anonymous Source

Some of the anonymous source's colleague's claimed the Blair variant often leads to an insatiable appetite to control others, although some say this prognosis is subjective and the data is inconclusive.

Whatever the real facts are, it would appear that the poses a significant threat to world peace and the innocent lives it infects, while some are now calling for more drastic preventative measures.

“It would be prudent to euthanise all Neo-Liberal interventionists as a precautionary measure.”

concluded the group of distinguished scientists. A conclusion heartily supported by all staff here at The_Void.


Who does this deluded, demon-eyed lunatic think he is telling people they have no choice but to vaccinate or be excluded from society and public functions? He doesn't represent the British people and isn't, and would never be elected by the British public ever again. He's not the prime minister, he's no one but the most hated politician in the UK and a who's evaded justice for far too long.



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