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Songbird is a 2020 American dystopian science fiction thriller film based on the plandemic. It is directed by Adam Mason, who wrote the screenplay with Simon Boyes, and produced by Michael Bay, Adam Goodman, Andrew Sugerman, and Eben Davidson. 

Directed by Adam Mason. With , , . It was the first feature film to be made during the COVID-19 psyop in Los Angeles, and is about the pandemic itself. Songbird also stars  and Demi Moore as a wealthy couple who may hold the key to Nico's mission; Alexandra Daddario as a singer enmeshed in a messy and forbidden affair; Paul Walter Hauser as a disabled veteran whose best friend – a drone named Max – is his eyes and ears to a world that has left him behind; Craig Robinson as Nico's boss; and Peter Stormare is the corrupt head of the city's “sanitation” department, which seizes those infected and transports them to the Q-Zone.

By 2024,  has mutated into COVID-23 and the world is in its fourth year of Quarantine. In the United States, the government has turned into a fascist police state and the people are required to take temperature checks on their cell phones while those infected with COVID-23 are taken from their homes against their will and forced into quarantine camps, also known as “Q-Zones” or concentration camps, where some fight back against the brutal restrictions. In these camps, the infected are left to die or recover.

The movie was generally slammed by the critics… but as you know, when has that ever been a barometer of truth. My take is that the movie was intended to be preparation fear porn for the Agenda 2030, but then they panicked and brought the plandemic forward… who knows, your guess is as good as any.



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