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The End of Human History as We Know It
( & The ) – March 2024 |

The recent controversies surrounding 's AI model, Gemini, have raised significant concerns about bias and racism in .

's Gemini AI tool has faced criticism for generating racially offensive and inaccurate images. Some additional examples of the controversial images produced by Gemini include:

  • Depicting America's Founding Fathers as individuals from ethnic minority groups like Black women and Indigenous people.
  • Showing Vikings exclusively as Black people in traditional Viking attire.
  • Generating images of a pope with only people of ethnicities other than white.
  • Failing to produce accurate images of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, and Galileo.

Reports have highlighted instances where Gemini inaccurately depicted people in generated images, leading to historical inaccuracies and misrepresentations. These issues have sparked debates about the implications of biased AI models on society and the potential consequences of using such .

Vikings – according to genius Gemini

Critics have pointed out that the calibration of Gemini towards diversity sometimes results in outputs that are less helpful or even comical but more importantly, totally misleading and just plain wrong! The use of secretive prompt modification strategies to avoid racism or promote specific agendas has been criticised for potentially manipulating public perception, historical events, or burying company scandals.

The controversies surrounding Gemini underscore the importance of addressing biases in AI models to prevent discriminatory outcomes and promote ethical AI practices.


00:00 Introduction
03:56 The End Of Human History &
18:44 & The
21:44 & Theory
24:03 Martyrdom & Radicalization
25:48 Nihilism & The Govt
26:50 Some Parting Wisdom

Racist AI

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Source: “The End Of Human History As We Know It” (Google Gemini & The CIA)


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