What is ‘Gaslighting’? | Thomas Sheridan

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AVOIDING TOXIC PEOPLE and SITUATIONS – Gaslighting | Thomas Sheridan

A very important term we should all get to know when dealing psychopaths. 

“Gaslighting is when the psychopath changes the reality around you and makes you question reality and they’ll do it so affectively that they’ll have you thinking black is white and white is black and they will not flinch from doing this in order to get what they want from you.”

“It’s basically mind control but mind control through an incredibly pernicious, nefarious and sadistic manner.”

“Gaslighting is when a psychopath makes you question your sense of reality. It happens at a personal level, when you’re involved with a psychopath, and it happens at the greater level, when you’re dealing with governments. They’ll make you question your own reality in an attempt to break down your sovereignty, to break down your personality and to put you in a state of dependency.”

Thomas Sheridan

Knowledge is power and makes all psychopaths obsolete.

Source: AVOIDING TOXIC PEOPLE and SITUATIONS – Gaslighting – YouTube


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