Astroworld Was A Demonic Occult Ritual | Investigation

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Mass Deaths at ; Watches Human Sacrifice Event

DECEPTION Injection Story Was False | Hugo Talks

Witness Response

The Devil's Frequency: A Concert In Hell | SGT Report

Festival 2021 – Utopia – Houston Texas | Apple

The End of Times

| Festival 5-6 Nov 2021 – Houston, Texas

Eye witnesses say there were many dead, but the ritual carried on…

‘See ya on the other side' skull silhouette.
Hellfire portal and the all-seeing eye.

Travis wailed and groaned

The energy was absorbed, the crowd withered away, only shallow husks remained. Soulless. Undead. Absorbed.

The ‘Head' that became a Skull

The Demons descended. Souls were consumed.

Shocking Scenes of dead bodies, completely ignored and covered-up by the mainstream media with the excuse of a stampede. What everyone else attending and those viewing from afar witnessed was a display of occult ritual so terrifying it made the movie The Exorcist seem like a kids cartoon.

Into the Darkness

No one would have believed that in the first part of the 21st century there would be an epic battle between the forces of darkness and the enlightened few.

So many people are asking themselves why is all this madness happening? They've tried to look for rational explanations, but there aren't any. The answers lie far far deeper than the surface content provided by the entertainment industry and the news media. It's more than ideology. It's more than everyday occurrences. It's biblical.

The final battle.

Good verses Evil. Plain and simple.

“He's not Lucifer, he's just a vessel.”


Travis Scott is a Jinn. A soul-eater. A Xaphan.

He danced in Satanic Revels and wailed to the fallen.

Sacrificial Sunday in calendar

Samhain is on 31st October, also known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve – this date is the Illuminati's highest day of human sacrifice.

Satanic Revels is the sadistic and demonic time of year from the end of September through November.

30-31 OctoberAll Hallows Eve and Halloween Night
01 NovemberSatanist High (Holy Day related to Halloween)
04 NovemberSatanic Revels

The  festival took place on November 5th, which is a few days after Samhain – the ancient festival of death and sacrifice. The week around November 1st is known to be the time of the year when the “veil” between this world and the “underworld” is the thinnest. In occult circles, Samhain is still observed and it is celebrated with animal and human sacrifice.

The Vigilant Citizen

As seen on TV

As seen by the crowd.

The ritual continued regardless

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist…”

The Usual Suspects

Social media testimony


So sad man, people go there to have fun. Crazy to think people weren't able to go home after last night ##astrofest

♬ ESCAPE PLAN – Travis Scott

“It felt like we was in a concert in hell.”


's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Nice wholesome stuff.

Shilling for Satan

So much of what we see on TV and in public is the promotion of demonic and Satanic entities.

Proving it's almost certainly all happening… they're shilling for Satan.

As usual, the mainstream media, and the Luciferian BBC have gone into full-on covering for evil mode and TikTok have also banned related content.

Unified and Coordinated Media – 9 Nov 2021


As I write this article I frequently pause in disbelief with what I am writing.

A man who grew up resenting religion and resisting everything I was brainwashed to believe was anti-science, is convinced we are entering an esoteric battle against the forces of darkness. Maybe it's instinct. Maybe it's wisdom. Maybe it's fate.


Graphene: A Conspiracy of Silence | Investigation

Source: Samhain | Britannica

Source: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist



Source: Mass Deaths At Astroworld; Travis Scott Watches Human Sacrifice Event

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Source: Kylie Jenner Is Butt Naked and Covered in Fake Blood for Kylie Cosmetics' Halloween Launch


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