Brian Gerrish: “What we are Looking at is Genocide. It’s planned, it’s Premeditated” | Corona Ausschuss

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Brian Gerrish, UK Column | Session 54 Stiftung Corona Ausschuss | 28 May 2021

Brian Gerrish provides his important testimony to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team at the Corona Committee on the use of Applied Behavioural Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming in the UK.

Brian Gerrish of UK Column, the UK’s long established alternative to BBC propaganda, appeared on the Corona Ausschuss to inform a German and international audience about the sustained attack on the British people throughout the current Corona crisis by its government using techniques of applied behavioural psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming. In this wide ranging discussion, Brian makes it very clear that he and his team’s research points to a mass genocide of people, and particularly the elderly, in the UK.

“This is an internationally concerted effort by some very evil people.”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Source: Brian Gerrish | Sitzung 54: Zwischen Nudging und Nebenwirkungen (English)

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