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Swalwell caught with pants down.

No plans to defect.

Chinese Communists say, he's their bitch | The Void

Tuesday on 's “,” host addressed the bombshell report that claimed a named Fang Fang had relationships with powerful Democratic Party figures, including Rep. (D-CA), a member of the House Committee.

Carlson questioned Swalwell continuing to serve as a member of the House Committee despite the alleged relationship and noted the California Democrat's insistence President Donald Trump had been a compromised agent of Russia throughout his presidency.

CARLSON: The defining characteristic of our ruling class in this country is narcissism. The people in charge talk almost exclusively about themselves, about their limitless neuroses, their so-called privilege, their guilt about that privilege, their identity.

No matter what they're saying, it is always all about them. And like most self-centered people, they have no perspective on the rest of the world. If you listen to our strictly moderated national conversation, you would think the single greatest crisis this country faces is the passing of a convicted felon from Minneapolis called George Floyd. That's our main challenge. They literally told us that for months.

So America's frame of reference has shrunk to the point that we can only see ourselves, and of course, the rest of the world knows that, they've been watching carefully, especially China.

China knows that our self-involvement is their opportunity. While our elites have been busy lecturing us about white fragility and trans rights, the Chinese government has remained deadly serious.

Chinese leaders aren't frivolous and stupid like our leaders are. They don't care what pronouns you use, they don't hire people because of the way they look. They have a goal, a very specific goal. They're highly focused on it. That goal is knocking us from our perch. That goal is winning, and they are.

Over the past decade, China has made stunning progress in its attempt to dethrone the United States from its position of global leadership, our position.

China's economy will soon surpass ours in size, and at some point, so will its military strength. To accelerate this, the Chinese Communist Party has engaged in a ceaseless effort to subvert our leadership class, the people who run the United States, and that has worked more effectively than anyone imagined.

Last night, we showed you proof. We played a clip of a Chinese Professor speaking on camera in front of a live audience, explaining how deeply his country's services have penetrated our government and our business establishments.

This video was recorded just over a week ago. Watch the subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

DI DONGSHENG, VICE DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AT RENMIN UNIVERSITY (TEXT): Why between 1992 and 2016 did China and the U.S. used to be able to settle all kinds of issues? It's just because we have people at the top.

At the top of America's core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends.

CARLSON: We have people at the top — at the top of America's core inner circle of power and influence. Well, of course, that means the government, it means Wall Street. It also means the media and the tech companies that distribute the media's products. And that may be why you didn't hear anything about this video elsewhere on television today.

CNN claims to be an international network, they ignored it. So did MSNBC and the broadcast networks, not a word about it. So much for their purported concern about foreign interference in our democracy.

When China interferes, it's not a story, they don't care. That may be why so many news outlets ignored another blockbuster story about China, one that broke just today. This story comes from AXIOS in Washington, which is no one's idea of a right-wing news outlet.

But to their great credit, a pair of AXIOS reporters doggedly spent the last year investigating what turned out to be an amazing story. A Chinese agent called Fang Fang or she renamed herself when she came to this country, Christine Fang, became a force within the Democratic Party of California.

Along the way, she cultivated a number of Democratic officeholders. Fang had sexual relationships with at least two of them identified in the AXIOS story as mayors from Midwestern cities.

Fang also began a relationship with a man called . You may recognize that name. , is a member of the United States Congress. Swalwell sits on the House Committee. He is privy to this country's most closely held secrets.

Fang's relationship with Swalwell began in 2012. Like so many Chinese spies, Fang used college as her cover. She enrolled as a student at a university in the Bay Area, and she immediately joined a number of left-wing identity organizations on campus.

From there, she quite naturally began raising money for Democratic candidates. U.S. officials believe that Fang had a sexual relationship with . We asked Swalwell's office about that directly today. His staff replied by saying they couldn't comment on whether or not Swalwell had a sexual relationship with Fang because that information might be quote, “classified.”

They did not elaborate or explain what they meant by that.

We do know that when Fang met Swalwell, he was a little known city councilman in the Bay Area, but he had grand political aspirations. Fung became his regular companion.

She was photographed with Swalwell at political events several times. She became a financial bundler for his political campaigns. Fang apparently pulled in large amounts of money from a variety of sources to help get elected to Congress.

It's not entirely clear where all of that money came from. We do know that Fang helped Swalwell secure the support of his district's Asian-American community. Political analysts have called that a critical factor in his win in 2012. That's not a new trick for Chinese services.

Another Democrat from the State of California, the state senior Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, employed a in her office for nearly 20 years. That spy drove Feinstein around and directly assisted her in outreach to Asian-American voters.

Like the spy that Feinstein hired, Fang gained access to 's office in Washington. U.S. officials say Fang managed to install an intern in Swalwell's office almost certainly as a spy for the Chinese government.

Now, we don't know the full extent of Fang's activities in this country. Eventually, she fled the U.S. for China while under F.B.I. investigation. Swalwell claims he hasn't talked to her in years.

We do know that in , the Chinese government picked a promising vehicle. Swalwell is one of the most high profile members of Congress. Last year, he ran for President of the United States.

At every turn, has remained a reliable source of Chinese government propaganda. As a member of the House Committee, he styled himself as an expert at spotting foreign interference in our government, remarkably.

As you may remember, Swalwell spent years accusing the sitting President of working for a hostile power.

REP. (D-CA): The question has shifted from whether the President is working with the Russians to what evidence exists that the President is not working with the Russians.

He has betrayed our country, and I don't — I don't say that lightly. I worked as a prosecutor for seven years. And I —

QUESTION: Betraying the country by the way, we want evidence before you say that, but you said an agent of Russia.

SWALWELL: Yes. He works on their behalf.

MACCALLUM: Do you still believe that the President is a Russian agent?

SWALWELL: I think he acts on Russia's behalf and he puts Russia's interests ahead too often of America's interest.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, FORMER MSNBC HOST: You're a member of Judiciary, do you believe the President right now has been an agent of the Russians?

SWALWELL: Yes. I think there's more evidence that he is.


SWALWELL: Yes. And I think all the arrows point in that direction. I haven't seen a single piece of evidence that he is not.

CARLSON: Looking back, it's hard to watch that tape. The irony is overwhelming. It's always those who have the most to hide who attack other people for the very things they've done — always.

Even at the time, he was saying that, it was very obvious to us that something was very wrong with . So two years ago, we asked Swalwell to come on this show and reveal the evidence he claimed he had collected on Russian collusion.

Swalwell came, he couldn't turn down a TV opportunity. He made loud noises and he left. He had no evidence. But he didn't stop making allegations.

Here he is at a hearing with Jim Comey back in 2017.

SWALWELL: I want to talk about the Kremlin playbook, and there are a number of ways that a foreign adversary could seek to influence a person. Do you agree with that?


SWALWELL: Financial?

COMEY: Yes. That can be one.

SWALWELL: Romance you said as another?


SWALWELL: Compromise?

COMEY: Correct.

SWALWELL: Setting up a compromise.

COMEY: Sure, if to execute on a compromise, yes.

SWALWELL: How about inadvertently capturing a compromise? Meaning they have vast surveillance and you stumble into that surveillance and are caught in a compromise?

COMEY: And then they take that information, try and use it to coerce you? Yes, that's part of the playbook.

CARLSON: Oh, it's part of the playbook. Part of the Kremlin playbook, says. So what they do, these foreign Intel services, is they use sex, a honey trap, if you will, to set up a compromise. Spoken like a man who knows that subject quite well.

When the Russia hoax subsided as it inevitably did, because it was a lie, Swalwell turned his energies to his first love, which is defending the government of China from all criticism.

In March, Swalwell told the rest of us that we are racist if we describe where the coronavirus came from originally, he said this on Twitter, quote, “When lawmakers refer to COVID-19 as a Chinese virus, they are not only misleading the public about a disease with confirmed cases in over a hundred countries. They are stoking racism and xenophobia in our communities. Diseases don't have an ethnicity. Period.”

So if you're bored sometime, take those words and type them into Google and you will find analogs almost precisely to the word in Chinese state media. That's what he was repeating.

If you ask , blaming the Chinese government for the coronavirus was a mistake, the right approach is to defer to the Chinese government as much as you possibly can.

In 2017, Swalwell expressed outrage that the Trump administration was taking too tough a position with China's ally, North Korea. He wrote this, quote, “The President's reckless and inconsistent North Korea strategy risks American lives.” Instead, Swalwell demanded, Trump must, quote, “Talk to experts, allies, and China.”

Swalwell had been saying similar things for years. In 2013, for example, he demanded that we quote, “Engage China and Russia to keep Iran nuclear-free.” Do you notice a pattern here? Of course, you do.

And yet, here is the amazing thing, as of tonight, with all this information public, , who has used his office to promote Beijing's talking points, almost word for word, ones that matter, by the way, a man who admits to a close personal relationship with an actual who helped him get elected to Congress, raised money for him and put an intern probably another spy in his office, that man continues to serve on the House Committee, where he has unrestricted access to classified information.

Source: Carlson: Rep. Swalwell Remains on House Intelligence Committee Despite Alleged Relationship with Chinese Spy


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