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Deep Diving the Fed's Killer Whale Crisis – 6 Jun 2023 |

Enriching the richest at the expense of everyone else. 

00:00 Intro – the “regional banking crisis” label is deceptive and laughable
02:13 Solvency vs. liquidity
04:55 Visual depiction of a liquidity crisis
10:30 1st way bank liquidity (deposits) is created: bank loans
11:51 2nd way bank liquidity (deposits) is created: Fed asset purchases from non-banks
16:17 This crisis—a liquidity crisis—is caused by the Fed's creation of whale deposits
17:15 Senate hearing confirms: whale deposits killed
20:46 Killer whale deposits, not apps, caused this banking crisis
23:05 Forensic evidence proves Fed created whale deposits
27:39 Shills who say the Fed can't create bank deposits are lying
29:40 How the Fed passed trillions of dollars to the whales
32:51 The Fed passed to legal entities, which in turn passed it to whales
37:35 Pandemic QE was designed to produce whale accounts
39:43 The Fed lied when it said Pandemic QE was for “price stability”
41:45 Why were whale accounts maintained for years if not to become killers?
43:00 Whale accounts are maintained by criminals
46:13 Red Flag Test #1 for banks
53:07 Presenting the spreadsheet of $100 billion banks
55:53 Red Flag Test #2 for banks
1:03:35 This crisis is nudging the U.S. closer to
1:06:06 The names of the Fed's killer whales are a big secret—for now
1:07:15 Congress could get to bottom of this crisis in 30 days if it wanted to
1:09:13 How you can help

This video was originally gonna be called, “The 2023 banking crisis would rank as the most obvious crime scene of all time if pretty much the entire financial services industry didn't have its head up its A$$ about Pandemic QE,” but that title didn't test well in focus groups.

Alas, and from the top…

Having stood alone in predicting the 2023 banking crisis three weeks in advance, in the present video turns to the question of causes. Over the course of some 71 minutes, “Deep Diving the Fed's Killer Whale Crisis” proves beyond any doubt that the is to blame for this crisis and is very likely controlling it even now, while this so-called “regional banking crisis” (quite easily the dumbest name ever for a financial event) is in apparent remission. 

Among many other points made in the video…

  • This is a liquidity crisis, not a solvency crisis
  • when just a handful of said massive deposits leave a bank, the bank gets killed, hence the name of this video
  • The Fed created those bank deposits and has admitted as much (cue the chorus of feces-throwing monkeys in the financial services industry to try and screech away the Fed's own admission on this point)
  • Under the Fed's asset purchases, the average household checking account of the top 0.1% wealthy households grew from $565,000 in 1Q2020 to $5 million in 1Q2022; this is the locus of killer whale deposits


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(12)… (RED FLAG TEST NO. 1)


(14)… (RED FLAG TEST NO. 2)

(15) To help per 1:09:35, or just to send a hello postcard…

Source: Deep Diving the Fed's Killer Whale Crisis – YouTube


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