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Fight back or be a square peg smashed into a round hole

Once in a lifetime, people are called on to define history. That moment has once again arrived. The Western World is facing a life or death struggle. It either dies at the hands of outsiders, marxists, and insurgents or it fights back and lives for another hundred years.

Fight For Trump

The day is 6th Jan 2021 and The Free World requires your attendance.

This is it. The last chance to save the greatest culture in human history.

The last chance to save the way of life that has given the world hope. The last chance to save the system that brought you electricity, the car, the antibiotic, the ipod, the computer, pop music, science, literature, sport, and most important of all, the internet.

Surely if mankind is to progress any further from this period in history, our free world system must be maintained and protected from outside forces and internal saboteurs at all costs.

When I was a child growing up in SE London my neighbours left their keys in the door overnight, everybody knew everybody else and we looked out for each other. I remember the street parties for the Queen’s Jubilee, the cohesive community, the safety of living in such a system. A place called home. All that has gone in the globalists lust for power and money. For that end they destroyed the greatest civilisation that human kind has ever produced. A civilisation that brought you the progress of the last five hundred years and brought the law abiding community and into fruition. A system that saved millions from starvation and gave hope to the world of a better way of life and future. What monsters would throw all that away for their own self enrichment and selfish self interests? The political Left of course – it’s always the political Left – From the pact made by the National Socialist Labour party of Germany () and Stalin’s murderous communist to the Maoist CCP take over of the Democrat Party in America. The threat has never been more pertinent or more real.

Have a guess why marxist teachers are reluctant to teach the historical lessons of the last century?

It’s because their favoured ideology caused all of the death, and all of the chaos, and all of the carnage during the 20th century. It was brought to you through the idealistic ramblings of a demented, mentally ill, middle class, unemployed man called Karl Marx, who was enabled and assisted by the equally useless Liberal son of a Mega- Rich Industrialist, (Friedrich Engels) Sound familiar?

Marx was a man who hated religion and the family more than anything else and believed fervently in racial purity. A man who proposed that millions must die to purge the system and create a newer, better ideological . A message that Hitler took to its extreme. A message that Mao Zedong exemplified with 100 million brutal murders. A message that Stalin put into practice with a campaign of killing that dwarfed anything Hitler cooked up. Now we’re here again and that’s why there are no longer any excuses. The US people must stand up and fight or the free world could be gone. They can’t wait for others to do so.

Jan 6, 2021 is a date that will be regarded as as important in human history as July 4, 1776.

So I write this in an attempt to wake up the last of the waverers. Your time is now and the human family really needs you to see sense. We fight for the future. The evil ones think they have it in the bag. They’re wrong. Misguided. Under the spell of demons. President Trump is the last man standing in the fight against and he will never quit. Stand by this President as he has stood up for you, or suffer at the hands of some sadistic societal reject in a concentration camp. It’s really that simple.


The Plot To Steal The Presidency


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