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“How I Know Trans Are Not ” – |

(aka ) is one of the most controversial voices in the Critical movement.

, also known as , is a British -critical and anti–transgender rights activist. She is the founder of the group and special advisor to the 's Liberation Front (WoLF). Keen has been described as a key figure against the United Kingdom's Recognition Act of 2004. She has been credited for popularizing the use of the term “” to define a woman; the term later became associated with -critical .

Keen-Minshull describes herself as a woman's rights activist, but says that she is “not a feminist”. She has used billboards, posters, stickers and social media to promote anti–transgender rights messages, and has held events in the United Kingdom, the United States, , and that have been protested against by supporters of transgender rights.


0:00 Highlights
1:30 How Got Started
2:40 Kellie's 3 Billboards Moment
4:30 Steel-Man the Trans Argument
5:50 What is AGP?
9:30 The power of Fetish
12:15 Does a Willy Snip Make a Difference?
13:55 (Konstantin Kisin & Francis Foster)
15:55 Are Ellen Page and Co. Happier?
18:00 Can You Change Your Race?
20:45 Is There More Push Back Now?
22:00 How To Convince Ideologically Captured People
24:30 Why You Shouldn't Use Pronouns
27:15 Kellie's Threatening Bathroom Experience
29:00 What Actually Nice Men Should Do
31:25 Is Dysphoria Real?
33:00 Difference to Men
34:30 The Woke Transgender Paradox
36:30 The Feminist Problem
39:30 Andrew a Transphobe?
40:30 Trans Widows of AGPs
43:33 Philip Schofield Scandal
46:15 Kellie's Fight with Teachers & School
48:30 Changing Rooms & The Red Crayon
51:30 Leading to Surgery
54:10 Forcing Society to Change
55:00 What Kellie Said to Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas
57:30 PDF Files… (Bad Men)
1:01:50 A Heretic Kellie Admires

Source: “Trans Women Are Not Women” – Kellie-Jay Keen (4K) | heretics. 26 – YouTube


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