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The Maui fires in 2023 were accompanied by several incredible coincidences. The cause of the fires has not yet been determined.

theories began to surface on social media, with some claiming that the fires were started intentionally as part of a land grab or strategic effort to weed out less wealthy residents on Maui and make room for multi-million dollar developments.

One leading theory suggested that the fires were caused by giant lasers. Some social media users claimed that only blue items survived the fires, suggesting the involvement of a weapon.

There were also reports that the water was shut off during the , and Maui Police Chief was accosted by angry locals over the state's response to one of the deadliest in the US in more than 100 years. State officials have repeatedly faced criticisms over shortages of available water to fight the fire as the flames swept over the island.

Maui Police Chief , who led the response to the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, also played a crucial role in the 2023 Maui fires. In the 2017 mass shooting, Pelletier was part of the department that responded to the deadliest mass shooting in history. He left his job as a captain for the Metropolitan Police Department in 2021 to become Maui's police chief.

Source: Maui in 15 (2023)


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