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A Total Cover-up

What the Media Won't Tell You About The Fires |

The underreported or un-reported stories about wildfires and the aftermath at .

  1. Multiple wildfires appearing in different places at the same time.
  2. No alerts ( has the largest outdoor early warning system in the world).
  3. The water sources (including fire hydrants weren't working).
  4. Same incident officer as Las Vegas shooting.
  5. Bidumb in hiding for a week, and then commenting much later that he's “laser focused.”
  6. Only sending $700 to victims, despite sending over $110B to Ukraine.
  7. Residents now need “permission slips” to visit their own now-destroyed homes.
  8. Government is blocking aid on the only road in and out.
  9. Investors are calling victims to buy the land.
  10. Social media idiots are “fact checking” any discussion of what started the fires (other than the “official” narrative).

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Insured property loss at 3.2 billion

Joe Biden $700 per household

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Source: What the Media Won't Tell You: Maui Fires – YouTube


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