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They Evil

The Deeper Meaning of the Movie – 2004 | DeLoonslaaf

The 1988 movie is a documentary, for those who have eyes to see.

More and more people come to the conclusion that they have been deceived and lied to (in a very sophisticated way) from an early age on. This means that the world view that they have been presented with from their environment from birth through conditioning (upbringing, education and religion) and propaganda (education and media) does not correspond to reality. The way these people have learned to see the world can be compared to religion. When people realize the world is really different and then try to find out what is true, the lies and deceptions around them appear to have no end. When people come up with solutions to overcome the problems on Earth, most people are unable to see past the two biggest obstacles:

The first obstacle is people think, react and act according to the conditioning and propaganda spoon fed from a very early age, because that's how things are done. As a result, solutions are often proposed and applied that are nothing more than a variant (or derivative) that is used in their current system. This variant rarely removes the root cause of the problems. The result is that the true rulers remain in power and can therefore continue to cause problems.
We will automatically come to the second obstacle: seeing through the root cause of all the problems humanity is facing on Earth. When the root cause of all problems has been recognized, people can try to remove the origin of the problems. Only when the root of all problems is removed, the people of the earth can work together for a harmonious and true society.

Some Hollywood movies, which are readily viewed by the masses, partly show what the situation on Earth really is like. Unfortunately, watching these films does not provide a complete and true-to-life representation of the situation on earth. Instead, little pieces of the puzzle are presented, albeit that one film lifts a larger corner of the veil than the other. In addition, the information provided is also usually distorted, so that the information is even more difficult to recognize for the viewer. However, the biggest obstacle is, that reality here on Earth is so far from the way people see the world around them from an early age, that the information given is seen by the viewer as fantasy or science fiction. Someone will therefore only see through the sparsely given information about the true reality on earth in Hollywood movies, if this information is recognized! As long as the information given is not recognized, it will be dismissed as fantasy or science fiction.

The 1988 B movie They Live provides very essential information about what is really happening right now on Earth. Unfortunately, in this film too, the information provided is distorted, even to the point of ridicule. This means that this film can be labeled science fiction and / or horror and is seen by many people as fantasy. The insiders know better …

This article does not intend to cover the entire film, but rather to highlight some essential and noteworthy subjects that show a glimpse of the “reality” around us. The movie is set in the city of Los Angeles (USA) in the 1980's. The main character is Nada, an physical strong man in his mid-thirties. Nada is a “drifter”. A drifter is someone who leads a traveling life in the USA and provides for himself by performing (temporary) work on location. Nada had previously worked in Denver for ten years and lost his job over there due to the crisis. Nada means nothing in Spanish… How typical!
Nada visits the city of Los Angeles and looks for work. Finding work turns out to be difficult, because there is a crisis and the images show that the city is becoming impoverished. He walks around town and sees a blind pastor address a few people.

a pastor speaking to a few human beings

In this scene, the pastor summarizes what currently is going on on earth, but probably nobody in the audience will believe him:

“They use their tongues to deceive us.
The venom of snakes is under their lips.
Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses.
And in their pass… nothing but ruins and misery
and the fear of God is not before their eyes!

They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders.
They have recruited the rich and the powerfull.
And they have blinded us to the truth.
Our human spirit is corrupted.
Why do we whoreship greed?

Because outside the limit of our sight…
… feeding of us…
… perched on top of us…
… from birth to death, are our owners.
They have us.
They control us.
They are our masters.
Wake up.
They're all around you.”

Still, not everything he says in this scene is true. It is not quite right that the rich and powerful are being recruited. The reverse is more the case: simply put, you can become rich and powerful if you are recruited and promise to participate in the (hidden) agenda of the ruling power elite. People who cooperate with the system in ignorance are usually well rewarded as well. White collar jobs in particular are well paid in the Western world. In order to obtain this white collar position, often an oath must be taken. This oath is not taken to the people.

The pastor says at one point:

“Because outside the limit of our sight…
… feeding of us…
… perched on top of us…
… from birth to death, are our owners.”

The pastor is talking about entities around us that parasitize of the energy of people. An entity is a form of consciousness that is not incarnated in a physical body. People who do not believe in reincarnation or think they know that it does not exist have already found their first obstacle here, which prevents them from understanding the reality around them. As long as these people continue to deny the existence of the spiritual world around them, they will never be able to understand the causes of the many problems on Earth.
At one point the pastor says:

“They are all around you.”

This statement refers not only to the world of flesh and blood, but to the spiritual world as well, which is invisible to the human eye of flesh and blood. Both human and parasitic entities can incarnate in human bodies, without showing any differences in the human body of flesh and blood.


Nada eventually finds a job on a construction site. After work he meets Frank, who takes Nada to a kind of refugee camp with tents. This is a camp for the rapidly growing lowest class of society. These people cannot afford houses to live in and are occupied surviving every day. This camp is organized as a community, serving hot meals, among other things. This camp also shows the decline of Western consumer society, because many discarded consumer goods are littering the camp. Today we see this downfall of society on the shelves of thrift stores (with second hand/used goods), which are popping up everywhere. There are even those who find it some sort of status to bring as much as possible used stuff to a thrift store.

It turns out that people in the camp can watch television. The broadcasts are occasionally disrupted by a resistance group, which manages to partially push away regular channels by a jammer. This backlash was established about eight months earlier, when a small group of scientists accidentally stumbled upon a signal that appeared to suppress the consciousness of humanity on Earth. During the film, parts of these television broadcasts of the resistance are shown in short scenes, in which the bearded man below tries to convey a message to the viewer. Below are some quotes from this man.

message from the resistance

“Our impulses are being redirected, We live in an artificially-induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep.”

“The poor and the under-class are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others… We are focused only on our own gain. Please understand they are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival, Keep us asleep, keep us selfiish, keep us sedated.”

“They are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.”

“We can not break their signal,
Our transmittor is not powerfull enough.
The signal must be shut off at the source.”

“There is a signal broadcasted every second, every day through our television sets.
Even when the set is turned off, the brain receives the input and programmes…

“They want benign indifference.
They want us drugging.
We could be pets,
we could be food,
but what we really are is livestock.”

The quotations given above correctly describe contemporary Western society, where people are very meek and do sleepwalk through the soulless system. Until now there are no people who are fully awake. Gurus are also not awake, although some people may have spiritual experiences. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.
There are people who realize that they are asleep and try to wake up. The process of waking up means that someone tries to bring his or her suppressed consciousness to full (and awake) consciousness. Only a fully conscious human being can utilize his full (spiritual) potential, which he carries with him as a seed from his incarnation at conception. This is not an easy task, because the parasites do everything they can to keep the human population dormant on earth, so that the seed cannot flower and does not grow further than a cutting or seedling in a greenhouse. The consciousness of the people on earth is “firewalled”. When Pink Floyd sings about “The Wall”, they are referring to the conceptual (but very real) wall, which is suppressing the collective consciousness of humanity on Earth.

Because humans are more like little children in adult bodies, they are very easy to manipulate by the real rulers. The people on Earth can also be compared to farm animals, where the power elite is the farmer. The book Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, gives a striking parable of the situation of humanity on Earth. The power elite depends on the docile, easy-going and frightened people, just like the farmer depends on the animals on the farm, albeit that on earth we are dealing with a bunch of evil farmers and the farmers can't be recognozed. Nada soon discovers that next to the camp is a modest church, which is used for strange activities. It turns out that a social worker from the camp goes to this church at strange times, such as in the middle of the night. Nada investigates and discovers that inside the church is a kind of laboratory and that the church music and accompanying singing comes from a music installation, so that the people outside the church don't get suspicious. He also hears people talking in a nearby room and accidentally discovers a secret storage room with sealed cardboard boxes. What's in the boxes is unclear at this point.

Nada walks to the church

During his sneaky visit to the church Nada is caught by the blind pastor. The pastor wants to know who Nada is and because he is blind, he figures this out by feeling with his hands. He first touches Nada's face and then examines Nada's hands. The pastor concludes that Nada is a worker.

the pastor investigates the hands of Nada

The dialogue between the pastor and Nada goes like this:

Pastor: “Let me touch your face… now your hands… you are a working man!”
Nada: “Yes sir.“
Pastor: “Here… it's the revolution. Let me show you.”
Nada: “I got to be going… may be some other time.”
Pastor: “This world may have blinded me, but the Lord has let me see. You will be back… you will be back!”

Apparently after his brief investigation the pastor knows that Nada can be trusted. The message of this scene is that most working class people can be trusted. On the other hand, most people in positions of power cannot be trusted, as the rest of the film will show! People in positions of power don't do any real work, but are mainly there to control and manipulate the masses. Moreover, they will do everything in their power to protect their highly paid positions so that these people are by definition corrupt. If these white collars find themselves in situations where they witness dirty business or have to participate in it, they will almost always keep their mouths shut and / or carry out their assignments, because otherwise they would lose their high status job / position with big revenues.

Frank asks Nada what he's watching

Nada has become curious about what activities actually take place in the church and borrows binoculars to keep an eye on things. Frank is curious about what Nada sees and asks what Nada is watching. Nada explains that the church is not used as a church, but that strange activities are taking place in the church and that Gilbert (a counselor in the camp) is also involved. The conversation proceeds as follows:

Frank: “Leave it alone man. It's not my busyness and it's not yours.”
Nada: “Yeah, but our boy Gilbert is in there helping.”
Frank: “I got a job now and I plan on keeping it. I'm walking a white line all the time, I no bother nobody, nobody bothers me. You better start doing the same.”
Nada: “White line is in the middle of the road. It's the worst place to drive.”

Four important statements can be drawn from the above conversation, which are typical of the mentality of people in Western society. This mentality is especially applicable to the working population, who have a job (position) in the system and want to keep it:

First, Frank is in a state of denial. Although he hears from Nada that something wrong is going on, he wants nothing to do with it. The vast majority of people in Western society don't want to cope with abusive situations and therefore deny, ignore or look the other way. As an excuse is usually given: “I can't help it anyway” and “That's how things works.”

Although Frank learns that Gilbert from the camp is also involved in these strange activities in the Church building, Frank starts talking about his job and indicates that he wants to keep it. He thinks he can keep his job by not interfering in these questionable activities. Unfortunately, job retention is often the highest priority among people in the workforce in Western culture.
This self-centered behavior means that there is no solidarity in Western society. A frequently given argument among people belonging to the working population is: “I'm just doing my job.”

Because Frank doesn't want to get involved in the dubious activities noted by Nada, he advises Nada not to interfere. By giving his “advice”, Frank hopes that the people around them behave as they should and do not attract any problems. This means that Frank is able to continue seeing the world around him as he wants to see it and is not forced to come into action.
Western people keep each other in line, so that people behave “as it should”. In the case of abuses, they feel that it's a matter for the competent authorities, while precisely these authorities are corrupt to the core and covertly serve the hidden agenda of the power elite.

Frank tells Nada that keeping his job is difficult enough for him and that he walks on a thin white line. Nada replies that this white line is in the middle of the road and that this is the worst place to drive.
Humans in Western society are deliberately kept in a rat race by the system from an early age on, in order that most people are concerned about survival, careers or are busy with nothing on a daily basis. It is understandable that these people do not want to receive any more pressure or misery, but such a self-centered attitude will actually result in the destruction of Western society, as the power elite is steadily implementing their planned agenda items.

The activities in the church seem to have been discovered by the authorities, so that at one point the laboratory in the church is cleaned up by the police. The camp is also violently cleared by the police. The next day, Nada decides to take a look at the stricken church. Although the inside of the church has been looted, in the hidden space Nada finds the sealed cardboard boxes, of which he does not know what they contain. He secretly takes a cardboard box. Somewhere in the city, he opens the box and sees that it is full of sunglasses. He takes out one pair of sunglasses for himself and hides the box with sunglasses in the garbage. After walking among the people in the city again, he puts on his sunglasses for the first time. He is shocked, because it turns out that these are no ordinary sunglasses. The glasses appear to extract the colors from the image, so that everything is displayed in shades of gray.

Nada with the special sunglasses

When Nada looks through the sunglasses at the city around him, it turns out that the glasses not only reproduce the surroundings in black and white, but he sees clear short texts around him, which cannot be seen without these glasses. These texts can be found, for example, on billboards and in magazines. Some of these texts are:


Nada sees the city for what it really is

Nada passes a newsstand on the street where magazines are offered. Nada sees that in the magazines the normal images and texts have been replaced by the same type of texts, which he also saw around him.


The kiosk's street vendor asks Nada to buy the magazine he has in his hands or to put it back on the shelf. The street vendor has money in his hand. Nada sees the text on the money: “This is your god.” It doesn't stop there.
It turns out that some people turn out not to be humans, but something else. In any case, these creatures look monstrous with these sunglasses on.

money is the main religion of humanity
uncivilized eldery man in suit

In a few seemingly insignificant short scenes, the viewer is subtly shown what kind of beings these monstrous “people” are. The first monster spotted by Nada, an apparently civilized elderly man in a suit, doesn't like Nada staring at him in amazement. The monster makes this known to Nada unabashedly and in a bold tone.
Other short scenes show what these monsters are occupied with in daily life. An example of such a scene is where a female monster is loading her gigantic amount of purchases into her car. She is assisted by two humans. These two humans probably work for the female monster and are silently and meekly helping her with her purchases.

excessive monstrous shopping and obedient human slaves

In another scene, a conversation takes place in a shop between two men, one of which is a monster and the other a human. The short dialog below is displayed:

Man: I'm so depressed. What do I do?
Monster: Go for it, man.
Man: That's easy for you to say, you got the promotion.

What do I do? Go for it… human slave!

The message in this scene is missed by many people, because it can only be understood if you know what the message is. The message is, that the monsters can more easily develop careers and receive promotion than true human beings. Unfortunately, this is quite true and is one of the reasons that corruption is rampant in contemporary Western society; positions of power are assigned to monstrous human looking people rather than true human people. There are several reasons why this happens over and over again. One reason is that many managers are monsters themselves and would rather have docile and “flexible” subordinates following orders under them than honest and steadfast people. This also applies to the police force in the Netherlands, where honest and “not flexible” (thus: not corrupt) people are not admitted for higher positions. You can read more about this in this article, written in Dutch language.

At some point the monsters realize that Nada can see them as they really are: monsters. The monsters all appear to be in possession of an expensive watch, with which they are connected to a kind of command center. Like a kind of zombies, they simultaneously pass on Nada's description to the command center en masse, with the announcement that Nada can see them.

monsters in contact with the command center where the chief resides

This scene with watches gives a glimpse of what kind of creatures these monsters truly are. Had these creatures been humans, then they would have worked together and understood that it would have been enough if one of them had passed on Nada's description to the command center. In case of human beings, they would have communicated this among themselves, but instead, the monsters did not appear to communicate primarily to each other, but simultaneously with the command center. In doing so, they behave like soulless zombies, who respond to a certain situation according to a given program… like an artificial software program on a soulless computer.
This scene also sheds a glimpse into why the monstrous man was promoted and the human man was unable to get his much desired promotion. Apparently there is something with these monsters are controlled, so that their thoughts and accompanying actions are not entirely their own.

Nada then starts runnung away, but is found by two police officers who want to take Nada with them. Nada sees that the two agents are also monsters, but manages to escape, shooting the officert dead. He takes some weapons from the officers' car and decides to enter a bank building and shoot several monsters. Nada flees again, while he is searched for all over the city.
In the end he secretly visits Frank at the construction site. Frank doesn't want anything to do with him, because Frank doesn't understand why Nada turned into a mass murderer. Nada then proceeds to the place where he hid the sunglasses. It turns out that Frank had followed him, throwing Nada his salary from a distance in the form of a stack of notes. Nada quickly puts on his sunglasses to see if Frank is a monster, but Frank turns out to be a real human being. Then Nada wants Frank to put on the sunglasses …

Frank refuses to put on the sunglasses and this results in a very long fight in the alley between Nada and Frank. The brawl lasts more than five minutes and symbolizes several issues.

a long and fierce fight between two human beings

First, it turns out to be almost impossible to convince a sleeping person to see the world as it really is. In reality, people have no tools at their disposal, such as special sunglasses.
Second, this fight symbolizes the division and mutual struggle between people, while the enemy is not human. It doesn't matter what race you belong to or what religion someone follows, because after all, we are all humans. The monsters use the difference in race and religion to make the people fight each other.
Third, it will be a very long and fierce battle to eventually show some people the world around them as it really is.

At the end of the fight scene, Nada manages to get Frank to look through the sunglasses and letting see him the world around him as it really is. Frank joins Nada and together they go hiding in a hotel. By coincidence they come across Gilbert (from the activities in the church), who indicates that the same evening there is a meeting of the resistance. Gilbert invites Nada and Frank to join.
That evening Nada and Frank go to the meeting of the resistance, where a rugged man with a beard keeps watch on the outside. This is another signal that one should not be fooled by the outside. The staircase with entrance door is also interesting, but more on that later.

entrance of the resistance with a guard in front of two magnificent doors

When Nada and Frank enter the room where the people of the resistance have gathered, it looks chaotic and disorganized. Moreover, the amount of people turns out to be lower than they have hoped. Instead of sunglasses, people now have lenses at their disposal that have no adverse side effects.

They try to figure out from which point the signal is sent that suppresses the (collective) consciousness of the people. It is concluded that this signal should be on the roof of the television station Channel 54. Before plans can be made to disable this channel, the meeting is ended with much violence and bloodshed by the police. Many people were shot, but Nada and Frank managed to escape with heavy firearms.
While fleeing Frank accidentally manages to activate a watch captured from the monsters, so that apparently out of nowhere a kind of energetic gate is created in the road surface. To flee the police, they jump into this hole and end up in an underground corridor complex. In this corridor complex they see, among other things, signs with messages in two languages: in English and in an unknown language. The strange signs of the unknown language are a clear hint to the viewer that the monsters don't belong on Earth and are from somewhere else.

corridors below street level

Nada and Frank follow the sound of voices and auplaus, which turns out to be a festive gathering. It turns out to be a meeting of the ruling power elite on Earth. The leaders are monsters, but there also appear to be people. Nada and Frank can just walk in and hide their firearms under their clothes.

Nada en Frank enter the magnificent hall

Perhaps this is the most important scene of the entire movie. This scene shows that this film provides crucial information about the “reality” in which humanity lives on earth. The hall is the main subject of this scene, in which monsters and (corrupt) humans sit around tables and are addressed by a monster. After Nada and Frank have entered the room, the beautiful room is explicitly shown to the viewer, while this is completely unnecessary for the course of the film.
After Nada and Frank have entered through the already open doors, the emphasis is placed solely on the room. This is done, as one would do in documentaries about old buildings. At a given moment the viewer only sees the ceiling of the room and then the view of the camera slowly slides down where the people are sitting, so that the viewer can properly take in the splendor of the magnificent room. The ceiling is even decorated with ornaments and painted with images, as was done in palaces and mansions from earlier times. Showing the hall takes about nine seconds! The two images below from the scene speak for themselves.

ceiling of the hall
a gathering with humans and monsters

Why does the filmmaker emphasizes this beautiful and opulent hall to the viewer? It's a hall with the typical architecture from the previous civilization, which has been hushed up worldwide by the true power elite. Instead of teaching true history, mankind has been presented with a history full of lies almost all over the globe. This previous civilization was also global, so the distinctive structures can still be found all over the world, even though much was demolished and destroyed at the behest of the power elite. Wars and bombings were a good way to destroy this splendor. In addition, these buildings were often deliberately neglected, so that after a while they could convince the local population that destroying these buildings and other structures was cheaper than renovating and/or restoring them.

Today's “civilization” began roughly around 1850, depending on which part of ​​the Earth you are considering. Somewhere before 1850, the population of the previous civilization had been largely wiped out all over the world. So the big question is, what the real history is. Apparently it's up to the people themselves to find out their true origins and history. Most people will find this so implausible that they are not open to exploring this possibility with an open mind. These people apparently consider it normal that beautiful structures can be found worldwide in the same architecture, while these structures would have been built with very limited resources in a few decades (or even years) and the majority of the population was busy surviving or waging war. Those days would also include slavery, child labor, weariness, hunger, and the exploitation of people in colonized areas of the earth. More about this previous civilization can be found under the heading Tartaria (in Dutch language).

The room that is being filmed extensively really does exist. It is the Crystal Ballroom of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. This building not only has the typical architecture of the previous civilization inside, but on the outside as well. According to Wikipedia, the hotel was opened in 1923. If that were true, then many clear pictures of the construction should be available, but that's in most cases a big problem with constructions from the previous civilization. Construction drawings can't be found either most of the times. Of course you can find here and there manipulated photos and a few fake construction drawings. Moreover, these old buildings are of such good quality and durability, that this cannot be achieved with the current materials and techniques. Below is an image of the outside of the building. In the movie, the entrance door to the meeting of the resistance is also from the previous civilization, as is the bank building where Nada starts shooting.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel – By Visitor7 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In the hall Nada and Frank meet a man they know from the tent camp. The man turns out to be human, but apparently has allowed himself to be bribed for power and wealth in order to free himself from his miserable situation (poverty). The man is under the assumption that Nada and Frank also have joined the alliance (as it is called). Then Nada and Frank are given a tour of the complex.

During the tour they pass a kind of travel station, which is used for traveling through the universe. In this scene, two men in suits are shown, beamed one after the other to another planet. It can also be concluded from this scene that the monsters pretending to be humans originated from Andromeda. The main message of this scene is that the true rulers have advanced technology at their disposal that is unknown to the human population on Earth. If people can understand this, then it may also be understandable that the entire industrial revolution is a technological development driven by the true rulers. The technology aims to make the human population around the world as dependent as possible on the power elite. The technology of the previous civilization was aimed at making people independent and serving them. This technology is hidden from the people.

a traveller departs

The tour also includes the studios of television station Cable 54. From there, a shooting begins with guards, as Nada and Frank want to dismantle the installation, which suppresses the collective human consciousness on Earth. After a trip with many shootings and victims, Nada arrives on the roof of the office building. In the end he shoots down the installation, which is accompanied by a lot of fireworks.

explosion on top of the building of Cable 54

After the installation is shut down, people can see the world around them as it really is. This means that the monsters are recognized as such, without the help of special sunglasses or lenses. From now on, the film images are in color (and not in shades of gray), while the monsters are also displayed in color. This means that the people watching Cable 54's broadcast can see the monsters behind the human shapes. The monsters themselves do not seem to notice this.

the spell is broken…

Are there really alien monsters on Earth pretending to be humans? If we look at what's going on on Earth, it can't be the work of humans, but it must be the work of monsters. So there are indeed alien entities on Earth that are parasitizing here on Earth. The entire Western system parasitizes from the Earth and everything that lives on it, including the energy of humans and animals.

The parasite has made the earth and its people on it sick. It is a very sophisticated “game” that is very difficult to understand. Sick people and people who are trying to survive or busy with careers will not see through this deception. After all, they have other things on their minds. The highly sensitive and true intelligent people do have the chance to see through the deception, provided they have not allowed themselves to be fooled by their environment. To eliminate these highly sensitive people at an early stage, the power elite has designed a system in which, from an early age, children who can learn well are proudly selected. These children are so-called “intelligent” and can therefore learn well. These children are groomed from an early age to be able to take a beautiful position when grown up in the rotten and soulless system, which is set up very hierarchically.
Being able to learn well means that the version of reality given by the power elite is taken as undeniable truth by the pupil or student. A student may only be critical within the given boundaries. This “learning” or conditioning works best if someone's consciousness is turned off and people let themselves be programmed as if they were a computer. Incidentally, people are always conditioned by means of the time and culture that applies at that moment in time and behave “as it should”, without often knowing why.
Indeed, successful people in the Western system can be compared to artificial intelligence. This means that well-conditioned people are predictable in their behavior and that's precisely what the power elite want: predictable people. In addition, a successfully conditioned person will often obtain a well-paid position in the system and will do everything to maintain this position, including actively or passively participating in lies and deceit.

Can the monsters be recognized? The monsters are difficult to recognize, but it is indeed possible! They are born psychopaths …

The problem with recognizing psychopaths is, that they are generally very intelligent by Western standards. Fot this reason, psychopaths are easy to condition and are therefore over-represented in positions of power in Western society. Psychopaths can be very charming and have beautiful talk, but it is all the outside appearance. Also, psychopaths are not bothered by emotions, so they are seen by most people as highly knowledgeable and intelligent. Psychopaths do not have “inner civilization”; they simply don't have it. So psychopaths are not sick, but they don't belong here on planet earth!

The most common problem with born psychopaths is that they consume time and energy of other people. Therefore, a psychopath will never master a craft with passion, something that people do have in them. People can pursue a hobby and being alone… separate from others. A psychopath will never do that, because the psychopath is a parasite that simply needs victims. A psychopath could become good at a sport that is not too complex, where the environment or the public sees and treats the athlete as a deity or star.

A psychopath often causes damage to his environment, partly because the psychopath is only concerned with his own interests and finds himself fantastic. There are various channels on YouTube that deal with the behavior and recognition of psychopaths and narcissists.

To come back to the question whether a psychopath can be recognized … this will only be possible immediately, if humanity on earth has an awakened state of mind. Awakening means that the (now suppressed) seed has blossomed and the spiritual senses have come to realisation. For example, if one could clearly see auras, a psychopath would be immediately recognized by the colors in his aura. Unfortunately, a psychopath is often recognized by his actions and then the damage is usually done.

The vast majority of psychopaths do not know themselves that they do not belong here on earth. Psychopaths simply incarnate among the population. Only the high nobility or royal bloodlines know who they really are. Their DNA is better suited for a psychopath to incarnate in. So psychopaths can have a relationship with people as long as the human other half allows itself to be used by the psychopath. Until humanity on Earth realizes that the psychopaths are in power, sooner or later vaccinations against the virus will be forced. What technology will be injected into the willing population through vaccination?

Human beings have sex (and children) with monsters!

The Millenium Biltmore hotel can be seen in many Hollywood movies:

The deeper meaning of the movie They Live

Source: The deeper meaning of the movie They Live


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