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The Bill
They are Coming for Your House – 8 Sept 2023 |

They want your house, they want your car, they don't want you to go anywhere and they don't want you to do anything. 

A new parliamentary bill is being rushed through parliament, only 9 MPs voted against it. If you want to look it up, the bill has the title:

‘A Bill to make provision about production and security and the regulation of the market, including provision about the licensing of carbon dioxide transport and storage; about commercial arrangements for industrial carbon capture and storage and for hydrogen production; about new , including low-carbon heat schemes and hydrogen grid trials; about the Independent System Operator and Planner; about gas and electricity industry codes; about heat networks; about smart appliances and load control; about the performance of premises; about the resilience of the core fuel sector; about offshore production, including environmental protection, licensing and decommissioning; about the civil nuclear sector, including the Civil Nuclear Constabulary; and for connected purposes'

“This is not about the environment, this is not about using less , this is not about being cleaner, this is not about protecting rivers. This is about control and the furthering of an extremely nefarious agenda that I've touched on before.”

It's a 446 page bill covering many areas of production, storage and usage but some sources have extracted a few key points noteworthy to the British householder.

(it's another instance where conspiracy theorists have been proved right):

/ pure and simple.

Sources and links

Source 1
READ: UK Law OKs Use of Force for Smart Meters, On/Off Powers

Source 2

Source 3

Source: The Energy Bill – THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR HOUSE. – YouTube


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