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– 23 Feb 2024 |

is the site of the South Pole and the southernmost continent of the planet governed under a series of recognised guidelines and agreements called the System.

New Swabia () was a territorial claim made by Germany in the late 1930's. About 40% larger than Europe and virtually (allegedly) uninhabited, continues to be a topic of great mystery and ongoing controversy. This presentation attempts to analyse and disclose still classified events pertaining to the region and how they may still be covertly influencing humanity today.


The System (ATS) consists of the and several related agreements aimed at promoting peace, scientific collaboration, and environmental protection in . Key aspects of the ATS include:

  • Origin: The was signed on 1 December 1959 by 12 countries involved in the International Geophysical Year (IGY) and entered into force on 23 June 1961. Today, there are 56 member states.
  • Objectives: The Treaty aims to ensure that is used solely for peaceful purposes, guaranteeing freedom of scientific research and cooperation among nations.
  • Core Principles: The Treaty maintains the status quo regarding territorial claims, meaning no new claims or expansions of existing ones are recognized while the Treaty is in force. Military activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Environmental Protocol: Adopted in 1991, the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the establishes strict guidelines for environmental protection and conservation in .
  • Consultative Status: Countries that demonstrate a strong commitment to Antarctic research through substantial scientific activities receive consultative status, granting them voting rights in the Consultative Meetings.
  • Annual Meetings: Member states convene annually to address various topics, including scientific cooperation, environmental protection, and operational issues.

Since its adoption, the System has evolved into a complex network of organisations and agreements “that facilitate cooperation among nations and help preserve as a natural reserve dedicated to peace and science”.

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Source: Antarctica Disclosure – ROBERT SEPEHR


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