Even the Common Flu Can be Used to Spread Panic in The Peasantry | Larken Rose

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Megalomaniac Manifesto

Sound Familiar? – 11 Apr 2020 | Larken Rose

A short, timely reading from Larken Rose's first book, ‘How To Be a Successful Tyrant', which he finished writing over fifteen years ago.

“In short, you must deceive and scare the citizens into voluntarily giving up their . A Simple example would be making up a plague of some sort, assuring people that millions are doomed to die and then claiming that giving you a lot of money and control is the only hope of averting disaster.”

Larken Rose – ‘How To Be a Successful Tyrant'

Sound familiar?

“How to Be a Successful Tyrant” is a book written by Larken Rose, also known as “The Megalomaniac Manifesto”, published in 2015. The book is written tongue-in-cheek as instructions for a would-be tyrant, but it actually reveals the tricks tyrants use to gain power. It contains numerous quotations that libertarians/anarchists will find interesting. The book is a satirical take on the nature of and is not a serious guide to becoming a tyrant. It aims to shed light on the methods used by tyrants to control and manipulate people.

Larken Rose

Larken Rose is an American author, political activist, and tax protester. He is known for his libertarian and anarchist views and has written several books, including “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and “How to Be a Successful Tyrant”. Rose has been involved in various legal disputes with the federal government over his refusal to pay income taxes, which he believes are unconstitutional. He has also been involved in activism related to gun rights and brutality. In addition to his writing, Rose has appeared in several documentaries, including “America: to ” and “The Monopoly on Violence”.

Source: Sound Familiar? – YouTube


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