The Grand Design | G. Edward Griffin

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The Road to a One World System

The Grand Design – 1968 |

This presentation details the hidden plan that shapes U.S. foreign policy.

Many people believe that U.S. foreign policy lacks consistency, or that American leaders have been bungling the job. documents the fact that, not only is there a Grand Design to U.S. foreign policy, but that it has been the dominant force behind every major decision since the end of World War II.

That goal has been to disarm the United States and submerge it into world government. Mr. Griffin presents the arguments that are used to justify this agenda and then shows the flaws in those arguments.

This was filmed in 1968, but the passage of time has only served to highlight the accuracy of the program's conclusions and predictions. It is not possible to understand the peace movement or current disarmament measures without familiarity with the thesis presented here.

Source: The Grand Design by G. Edward Griffin


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